Who's running this joint?

Hi There. I'm Alice Nicholls.
I'm responsible for this online home.

Here you will find content, videos, photos, inspiration and a killer podcast on creating and maintaining a blog, running it as a business, generating traffic, marketing, creativity, curating and monetising your online home.

I will teach you how to take your Blog To Profit.

I want your blog to get the attention and for you to reach the audience and the world in the most authentic and helpful way possible.

I'm Alice (me!).

I'm The Healthy and Wealthy Specialist.

I'm the CEO and Creative Director behind The Whole Daily - an award-winning health and wellbeing blog - and AliceNicholls.com

I am also a Nutritionist, mamma, wife, terrible dancer - but I love it - , business and profit coach, health coach and dangerous-hand-waving talker.

This may seem like a lot of things to ‘be’ and you may be right. I may be crazy.

But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for?

I could be described as an excitable puppy, without the accidental peeing.

My mother calls me a 'bull-at-a-gate', by dad calls me Ally, my kids call me 'mum' (go figure). I meditate daily because my mind be thinking a LOT, if I stopped, I may either explode or turn complete cuckoo and destroy all that you see here in one swell ctrl+shift+delete.

I LOVE design, creativity, cooking, yoga and the beach with a passion. My two little crazy daughters rock my world and I am married (and biased) to the best man on Earth. I also have a crazy staffy whose farts could move a steam engine.

Weird Pinterest Hobby. Dogs in clothes.

I'm a passionate and dedicated DO'ER

I'm from a beautiful place called Phillip Island on the South Coast of Victoria Australia, though I now live Bayside in the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne.

I'm still on the beach each day and it still operates as a battery that charges me Melbourne is a foodies destination and is famous for being the coffee mecca of Australia. I admit. I'm a massive coffee snob and a true addict. My husband says I am like the Grinch when I wake up and as soon as I've had my coffee I am more like Maria in Sound of Music.

I began my entrepreneurial career at age four, when I took Mum’s Libra pads out to the front nature strip and tried to sell ‘periods’ to passers-by.

Then I updated my business model and started selling plastic bags of dirt taken from Mums veggie garden for .50c to the neighbours.

I then graduated to clipping cuttings off the neighbourhood's plants, repotting them and selling them at the local market for $1 each with a nearly 100% sales margin.

My first website

I founded the award-winning Health and Wellbeing website The Whole Daily. The Whole Daily is an Authentic Health and Wellbeing platform.

The Whole Daily currently receives over 100k page views and 53K unique visitors a month to The Whole Daily and is growing rapidly.

Between selling dirt and now, I worked in executive recruitment and then found my niche in software, social media and branding, working for 2 Global Software organistions and travelling to Silicon Valley and Seattle multiple times a year.

I worked for LinkedIn.com, consulting on professional branding to some of the biggest companies in Australia and then, partly because of my desire for freedom (and mostly because of the tearaways attached to my ankles) I threw off the ropes and began The Whole Daily.

I was asked to teach social media marketing in NYC at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014, I got my time in the spotlight at the annual Problogger conference twice talking about business and intuition and was featured on Channel 10’s morning show.

I authored two healthy cooking books and run a successful online Wellbeing eCourse which has been taken by women in 14 different countries in the world called Life Transformation Project.

I was awarded as a Top 30 Health and Wellbeing Blogger of 2014 and The Whole Daily was awarded Top Women's Empowerment Blog of 2013.

In August 2016, I am releasing the fourth round of a Premium eCourse that helps you create, promote and profit from your blog. It's called 'Blog To Profit' and encompasses the best of the lessons I learned in my 10 years in corporate sales and my three years taking my own blog from $0 to a highly profitable business.

If you're interested in working with me in this hands-on, Premium eCourse, you can get on the list here to be notified as soon as I go live.

Growth is more important than regret.

My goal is that you feel like you’ve found a space, a community and a place where you can head to when you just don’t know where to start, what to do, what to write or how to create on your blog or simply to be inspired.

Although the focus is on advice and instruction, I’m a heart-centered leader and will always pepper our information with reminders and support for you to ground yourself so that your readers get the best out of you and you continue to feel amazing.

Plus I'm going to make sure you know where to focus your time and where not to focus your time if you want to make money from your blog.

Thanks for joining me


I Love hearing From You

You can send me an email to alice (at) alicenicholls (dot) com. I would lurrve to hear from you!