How To Create A Logo Using A Stock Image (for $1)

How To Create A Logo Using A Stock Image (for $1)

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How To Create A Logo Using A Stock Image (for )

Are you starting a blog that you want to turn into an online business? Or working on your new online business trying to turn it into a profitable online business?

It can seem that everywhere you turn there is more to do right and more to spend money on right?

Can you relate?

Web Development and design can seem like a big part of your online business. And in a way it is… and it isn’t.

I know that many women are held back worrying that their website isn’t good enough or that they don’t have everything designed yet. Or they can’t afford to have professional designs done for them.

I know women who don’t post blog content because they’re waiting for design work to be finished, or paid for, or afforded in the first place.

Worrying about these types of things is a huge profit block to women in online business and it can very well push back your profit creation by months, if not years.

As I’ve said before: ‘It’s not the design of your blog that will make your business… it’s YOU’. 

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I’ve created an online eCourse that is brimming with ways to focus on the real profit generating side of an online business without getting stuck in the profit blocks that hold us back. hello. Blog Academy is an eight week eCourse on how to create and grow a profitable and authentic online business.

The course is getting released in late May and I would love for you to come and join because fulfillment.  In the meantime you can grab a FREE Audio + Resources Cheatsheet that helps you uncover 8 top profit blocks for your online business here.

I’ve been recording tutorials that go into a VIP Video Tutorials section of the course that specifically relate to struggles that real people are going through now. I ask what my audience are struggling with, they tell me, and then I go and find a solution, record it and share it with them. Cool huh?

A LOT of struggle comes with design work and websites. In fact, it got to the point where I actually asked the group I mentor: ‘Would it help you guys if I recorded tutorials hacking an entire website from the ground up and adding design using nothing but Photoshop? And they said…


(I mean why would I even be writing this if they said ‘no’… huh?;))

So I am. And these tutorials be available for you to check out in the course too.

For now though, I want to share a super simple way of designing a new logo for your business using a $1 stock image and Photoshop (you can use a FREE 30 day trial of Photoshop here*)

It’s an unrehearsed recording but you can see that from a hack who knew nothing about Photoshop a few months ago… awesome shit like the end result here is super easy to create.

For a BUCK. 

Don’t get stuck pining for the ‘fluffy bits’ of your online business when you really need to get your hustle on instead. 

If you think this is useful, I would love it if you would share it with your peeps. Us online business babes gotta’ stick together! 



p.s. don’t forget to grab your FREE Audio + Resources Cheatsheet that helps you uncover 8 top profit blocks for your online business here.

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  1. Lyn says:

    Thank u, I love this. If I was to purchase a logo then would that image be my own? I’m not sure what I’m trying to say but legally if I use a design n slap my name on it for my web, it’s all cool?

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