Photoshop Hacks for Bloggers – Show One

Photoshop Hacks for Bloggers – Show One

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This morning was all about YOU!

I got up and ducked down to my local for the best almond milk latte about, headed home, put a singlet on that wasn’t stained with baby fingers or hard lumps of porridge, and sat in front of the computer to record the KILLER new ‘Photoshop Hacks For Bloggers’ training series…

Aahhh a whole day ahead of me. So many ideas, so many cool and awesome-looking hacks to show you.

  • Using new software I haven’t used before.
  • In simple, easy to understand segments with a monkey mind full of information
  • With a hard-drive so full I could barely open the new program.

However people…. LESSONS!

Lesson one: New software is NEVER as simple as described on the box (screen). Take at least one hour to understand how it differs from your current program (switching from iMovie to Screenflow for this series) or maybe 10 hours. (Depending on your ability to pick up what they’re putting down.)

Lesson two: It will NEVER take as short a time as you imagine if you want it done right-ish. Always allow an extra, oh, say… six hours.

Lesson three: When you are finally ‘done’ you are not finally done. Uploading times can vary from 30 minutes to eight mutha-ucking hours. And then you need to finalise the email to your peeps, write the post that goes alongside the video with all the show notes (add another 1-3 hours), and then share on social.

Lesson four: Make sure you kids haven’t depleted the batteries in the spanking new lights you bought to create a ‘totally profesh’ set up (by making you appear like you are lit from everywhere) so that halfway through your first recording they start flickering and flashing, making it look like you’re at a day rave and all you need is a glow-stick and some oil to grease up your pecs.

Lesson five: Do not scrap your plans when you think you’re not going to look so ‘totally profesh’. Use it to teach yourself and share your experience so that others may learn. Release what you are not 100% happy with for feedback to a super-special ‘beta’ group (you of course) and ask for feedback on what you can improve, why it works, why it doesn’t and what to have for dinner. Well?

Lesson six: You know more about your subject than at least 1 BILLION baby’s under two. Never underestimate your glory and power. People DO want to learn from you.

Lesson seven: Isn’t that enough lessons?

Lesson eight: Yes.


Anyway. It’s up and live – show one. And though I pondered an intro around ‘how not to screen record your first lesson’ I claim it all as my own and the best that I could achieve today. The best. It’s not my best work, though I do believe that having taking me all day it deserves to have at least a few people critique it – I mean, what a labour.

Also – off the subject… when I got to the point today where I wanted to throw my laptop out the window or give it a cold shower it would never remember, I took the dog and went for a run in the sunshine instead. And THAT ladies, is why I still love doing this type of thing even on days like today. Because ‘lifestyle choice!’

Photoshop Hacks For Bloggers Show I and II

    • Create the correct dimension Facebook Cover Image and ‘how to’ add a logo with a clear background.
    • How to create a watermark logo and add onto your newsletter headers and Facebook cover images.
    • Learn how to create a logo with no background so that you can use on coloured palettes on your blog or in advertising.

Part I

Part II

I have so much more to come and will be looking to have the ‘show notes’ typed up in the post section of each video along with the time in each video for certain lessons.

By the way… I created this video simply because a reader of ours (Suzzi Q) asked me the questions. She asked a LOT of questions and I LOVE that. If you have a question then shoot it my way… or let me ask you one first okay?

What are you struggling with?

Leave me some info in the comments below and let me know… You’ve seen the lengths I’ll go to to answer you now right? 😉


Show Notes

I’m an affiliate for the companies with an asterix* listed next to them, which means I might earn a commission if you sign up through my link, at no additional cost to you.

  • I have used a software program called Telestream ScreenFlowfor recording my screen and myself (you can get a free trial for one month or buy it outright for $99). It allows me to add video of myself to the lesson screen, add text, extra videos, zoom in on certain parts of the screen etc.
  • I use a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop) and receive software updates every time they occur. I recommend subscribing and paying a monthly membership over buying the Adobe software ‘product’ and installing to your PC or Mac.
  • Disco lights (not seen, will have to come into action next time!)

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10 Responses to "Photoshop Hacks for Bloggers – Show One"
  1. Lori says:

    Alice, I just love your style. Love your honesty and just your way of helping. Nothing negative to say, keep recording in your authentic way. You are my guru right now. Can’t wait to try some of this stuff!! Xx Lori

    • Big-Time Blogger says:

      You rock my world. I’ve already written notes for my next one, of which I am sure I will follow none of. Thank-you for your support! 🙂

  2. Emma says:

    Oh Alice, I love, love, loved this!!!!
    More, more, more please! You are incredible love x

    • Big-Time Blogger says:

      Haha! Thanks gorgeous. More coming. Can’t wait to grab me an Oscar for my photoshop hacks series. XXX Great to have you on board.

  3. S**t Alice. WOW. You are exactly right every time I went to use my logo on something I just got someone else to do it or just said it wasn’t meant to be. It’s going to be so useful with coming new events etc. I loved how you went through product info and purchase details (treat this like a series and maybe to save time on the next one no need to repeat all the details). I loved the laying and text options different top to bottom type thing. Very glad my designer didn’t charge for watermark (how easy was that)!

    If any ladies are (and sorry I should have sent you in one) after a picture for a season get us to pick the picture to add, it was great to see what you do though. Or have one prepared ready to go save you time.

    Very, very useful.

    Two questions:

    1 – would you ever in any circumstance and can you use the whole picture in a banner?
    2 – would you maybe be doing anything in your ebook program?
    3 – sorry just came to me…. What kind of things do people use now a days as a facebook biz picture when logo is already in the banner?

    Alice like Lori said your open and laugh out loud moments make learning from you awesome. Time is not an issue when we are learning from a great teacher.

    • Big-Time Blogger says:

      STOP IT!!! (and where can I send the cheque?) 😉 You are such a babe, but I’ve said that so many times. Okay, so let me answer your questions in a post Okay, and I’ve got more filming coming your way! 🙂

  4. Conor says:

    Loved this. Learnt more useful techniques in the 25 minutes of video than I have in both a Photoshop workshop and far too many hours of trying to figure it out myself! Would love to see some more Photoshop videos, and also hear a bit more about when you use InDesign vs Photoshop. The dimensions info was great, I am never too sure which size to use for various things, anything else you can advise on this would be great (and could you post the sizes in the show notes if possible?).

  5. Amanda says:

    I’ve only just started to watch, and I had to let you know how much better it makes me feel getting a sneak peak at your desktop 😛 hahaha. Mine is EXACTLY the same!

  6. Karissa Tait says:

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