Launching ‘hello. Blog Academy’. Bra-less and in Pj’s. GLAMOUR!

Launching ‘hello. Blog Academy’. Bra-less and in Pj’s. GLAMOUR!

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I am opening up enrolment to my flagship premium eCourse today, hello. Blog Academy. The Premium 8 Week Proven System For Creating, Promoting and Profiting From Your Blog.

There is typically an information-giving process that goes into a ‘launch’ message. If you’ve been following business peeps or bloggers who sell something for a while you will recognise it.

It goes like this.

// I tell you where I was:
Sitting at a desk in a corporate office getting paid lot’s of money but not loving what I do at all and feeling really flat and unfulfilled. Baby in daycare, baby on the way and wanting MORE for my life (because guess what? Money doesn’t equal happiness if you’re always sitting at your desk) .

// Then… I tell you where I am now: (I’m not a ‘glamorous’ woman, so I won’t be pull your chain right now.)
Right now, I’m sitting in my home office in my pj’s and no bra with an empty Loving Earth chocolate packet next to me… WORKING.

Working on something that I love and am more passionate about than anything else I have ever done (for work) In. My. Life.

Working in MY OWN business that I have built from a Blog.

A blog!
(4 years ago I didn’t even know what a blog was).

I work Monday to Friday because I choose to work those days. I work from home. The only person I am limited by is myself… and sometimes sick kids.. 😉 but then I don’t have to ask somebody for days off to take care of them.

The thing is though, I’m not just happy because I get to call the shots – though that is pretty rad – I’m fulfilled because I choose to do work that also helps other people. As the Master Need of the human-being is Contribution, I am fully aware of where the real fulfilment comes from in my life today.

// Side note: Where I am NOT right now:
In a board meeting
Waiting on a train platform in -2 degrees Melbourne weather
Negotiating with another adult for a 1 week holiday
Wishing I was somewhere else
Getting dressed… 😉


// Now I tell you what changed:
3.5 years ago I began to personally invest in myself. This was the most pivotal point in my life (that I didn’t even recognise at the time).

I had always been ‘sent on’ training and development conferences, courses and classes. However in late 2011 I began to choose to put my own money into areas that I had some interest in.
Health and wellbeing.

As soon as I started learning on my terms, I became hooked and eventually I found my path.

I don’t talk about my corporate background much, but I spent 12 years in sales and sales management. Six of those years were spent with two global software as a service and social media companies out of Seattle and Silicon Valley.

So, in my newfound passion area – Blogging – I coupled my decade+ business experience plus lessons learned from HUNDREDS of mistakes throughout the Blogging process and created a profitable business from my Blog.

The Whole Daily now supports me (and contributes to my family) to live that life where I get to lead and serve. In 2015 I have averaged 20k per month in revenue. (This also gives me financial breadth to contribute to causes that I believe in with my whole heart).


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Being able to be individually financially successful is incredibly powerful and empowering.

Blogging and I began a passionate affair, but it was ultimately when I turned my blog into a business and began BLOGGING FOR PROFIT that changed my life and gave me the reigns to unlock my limitless potential.


// Now I say why you must sign up for my course:
Only I’m not going to.

Because blogging for profit is not for everybody. And while many would hold me back from being so truthful, I’m going to share some info with you in the hope that I attract the right type of people to my course and in doing so allow others who aren’t the right fit to make their decision.

1. Blogging for profit takes time to set up. You won’t get ‘there’ in three months, but your foundations will. On average, you gotta’ be willing to invest a couple of years at least. For you now that will seem like a long time however…

The mentors and women I know who I’ve spoken to for this course about this thing called TIME – such as Denise Duffield Thomas, Kathryn Hocking, Kate Byrne and Amanda Daley – say that on the tail end of those few short years they don’t feel like anything but a blip.

You see it’s amazing how people can think three years is too long to create a successful online business and yet will stay small and unfulfilled in a job for forty years.

2. You’ve got to be willing to be the person answerable to yourself.
Becoming your own boss may not be for you if you aren’t willing to take responsibility for the outcomes of actions. Some things won’t work. You will make mistakes. You may suffer spectacular failures, but ultimately it’s about whether you can learn lessons from these or whether you will look to blame external factors first.
I love to work with people who know that ultimately, they are the masters of their own destiny.

Because I know that if I hadn’t of Fcu&ed up so many times I wouldn’t be here right now writing this to you.

3. You’re willing to invest in premium mentoring and yourself.
This is not the ‘cheapest’ course on the market. I have no desire to compete on price because this course is exceptionally valuable. being ‘cheap’ ultimately means that I would be more stretched and less able to devote large amount of my time and energy to helping you (my clients). It’s a premium course, with premium content for premium players who are serious about their Blog to Profit mission. These are the people I want to work with.

I am focused on working with you to understand ways of making more MONEY form your Blog. Not simply creating a sweet-looking space to play online.

4. I don’t want you to bankrupt yourself
If you would be putting yourself into debt to join my course, please wait. I am not going anywhere and I would prefer that you paid off your debts first and then come to me. I don’t want you to feel so anxious when you enter hello. Blog Academy that you can’t give yourself thinking space.

I know that’s a lot of info today. In my hazelnut-chocolate-fuelled-passion I have written more than I planned.

If I removed all of this above info and wrote it in one sentence this is what it would say.

“If you’re serious about taking your blog to profit, then join this course today.”



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  1. Adelle says:

    I keep getting 404 messages and MailChimp errors when I try to open the hello. Blog academy link. Is the site not ready? I’m being impatient!

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