How To Make An EXTRA $700 A Week By Automating A Simple Email Sequence – Without Looking Like A Jerk (TBTPS10)

How To Make An EXTRA $700 A Week By Automating A Simple Email Sequence – Without Looking Like A Jerk (TBTPS10)

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In this podcast (TBTPS10) I share how I make between $400 and $700 per week extra in my business using a super-simple automated email sequence, without looking like a slimy jerk.

I’ll show you and discuss the exact automated email sequence that made me $700 EXTRA in a week I wasn’t even at work.

** I also talk about how to cope with overwhelm +

** I share how I use other people’s content to help make profit without having to create more personal content myself.

I have created a super-simple automated email sequence which you can set up today to help you make more money through your blog.

I’ve made an amazing free resource for you today!

Make sure you download your FREE RESOURCE. I share exactly what my emails look like and are formatted like so you can see what works for me and include notes on each one. It’s an instant download too, so you’ll have it in your hands straight away.


How to Make An EXtra $700 Per Week

SHOWNOTES – Resources I have spoken about


How to make an extra $700 per week using a simple email sequence. podcast episode 10.


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5 Responses to "How To Make An EXTRA $700 A Week By Automating A Simple Email Sequence – Without Looking Like A Jerk (TBTPS10)"
  1. Vanessa says:

    Thanks for this podcast! Very insightful. Just wondering if I can opt in with the modules in your B2P course? There’s a few modules that I don’t need (although I am sure are wonderful). Is that an option that you are open to?
    Vanessa Jones

    • Alice Nicholls says:

      Hi Vanessa,
      It’s so great to hear from you. I haven’t considered splitting the course at this stage. The community and live calls on a weekly basis are available for all who sign up and it’s really impossible to split the value of this. Especially with lifetime membership. I am however, going to be creating more mini-courses that focus on specific areas of blogging and creating a business from a blog, so hopefully this would suit you in the future. I am really happy you’re here!

  2. Hey Alice, thanks for this insight into your welcome sequence, it’s great to see how you’re doing it. I binge listened to a few of your podcast episodes yesterday, haha, love your stuff. I’m curious and wonder if you’re open to sharing why you chose $50 as the price point for Life Transformation Project? Did you test a higher price point in your welcome sequence prior or decided on the $50 to make price seem like a no brainer?
    Best wishes for your next B2P launch. Hayley x

    • Alice Nicholls says:

      Great question. I decided to lower the $297 price to $250 and have it open as an evergreen and even with the email sequence I was selling about 0 every week. 😉 I dropped it to $50 and all of a sudden the sales soared. The point for me was that I could have kept the original cost higher if I was willing to actually invest in marketing it consistently (time costs money which means I would want a return), but I wasn’t willing to do that. The $50 price point allows me to set and forget it and it makes money while I have that time to focus on marketing those areas of my business that ARE a priority for me. If someone was releasing a new health course and it was their ‘baby’ and they were putting all of their marketing focus in it, I would not recommend they do $50, I would say HIGHER, HIGHER!!!

  3. M says:

    Thanks so much Alice for your amazing how-to resources! So informative and helpful. MUCH appreciated 🙂

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