How to Market Your Product & Service More Effectively Without Feeling Like A Sleaze (+ Make More Profit) TBTPS#13

How to Market Your Product & Service More Effectively Without Feeling Like A Sleaze (+ Make More Profit) TBTPS#13

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This podcast is in response to a question from a course member of mine, Nicola.

There are TWO main reasons why you feel slime or sleazy when marketing your products or services and I am going to discuss both of them in this podcast.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the reason you feel slimy or sleaze is probably wrong today.
  • How your inner beliefs shape the way you market
  • Why you’re probably doing your ideal clients a disservice with your marketing efforts today
  • Why most online business entrepreneurs will always feel sleazy marketing (AND never reach a profit from their business)
  • How to break down a goal into financial metrics so you know what you need to achieve using your marketing efforts on a daily basis
  • My top steps for effectively changing your marketing strategy today
  • My TOP four places to market effectively.

Download the transcript and complete outline here:

Show Notes: Things I mention in the show which can help you out!

“One of it things that I get asked about the most from the people that I coach in online business is how to market yourself in a way that doesn’t feel slimy and sleazy to your audience. Nicola, one of my clients in Blog to Profit came to our group with this question over the last week and as it is so incredibly relevant to new online business bloggers, I wanted to record a show about it.

If you have been around for a while you will know that I do not believe that you can have the most successful online business that you are capable of achieving unless you do the work not only on your business acumen, but on yourself.

The self-work includes working through all of the ‘stuff’ like unconscious negative self-talk, playing small for fear of your own infinite power, finding your own soul-connected version of success, the search and moving away for the need of external validation and of course everything in between. Your STUFF. The WORK.

What does this have to do with marketing and online business? Hear me out in the podcast today.”

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10 Responses to "How to Market Your Product & Service More Effectively Without Feeling Like A Sleaze (+ Make More Profit) TBTPS#13"
  1. Peta says:

    LOVE THIS! Im writing as a listen. Because, who wants to get knee-capped by Alice Nicholls 😉 x

    • Alice Nicholls says:

      Haha. I am not a very good swing… so you’re safe Professional Babe!

    • Sandra says:

      That’s a subtle way of thkinnig about it.

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