How I Made An Extra $1,880 In 48 Hours After A Quote I Posted On Facebook Went Viral

How I Made An Extra $1,880 In 48 Hours After A Quote I Posted On Facebook Went Viral

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In this episode of The Blog to Profit Show #14, I’m going to teach you about how to leverage the connection you have with your new audience, your financial opportunity, and your opportunity for growing your list size when you have a post that goes viral. 

PLUS: How you can choose posts which could potentially go viral on your page. 

I got to do some great research and put my thinking cap on to help bring a LOT of value to the table for you today to help you figure out which posts to share to get more reach, make more money and gain more subscribers!

Not only am I going to share with you multiple reasons WHY this particular post went viral, but Im also going to:

  • > > Share a case study I ran myself to prove that my WHY makes sense. (Testing is key here.)
  • > > Share exact examples and pictures with you about how and why I made an extra $1,880 in 48 hours after the post went viral, selling nothing over $50 and which products had nothing to do with what was within the viral post itself.
  • > > Share exact examples and pictures about how I leveraged the viral post to get more email subscribers which will buy from me in the future.

This is probably my craziest ‘sounding’ podcast at times… get ready for cringing or laughs… (I’m on pain-meds and have a numb face, which I’ll tell you all about in the podcast;) but, it’s my favourite and I believe the most valuable podcast I’ve recorded from a coaching perspective thus far.

Regardless of your audience reach on social today… you can reap the benefits of using the techniques I discuss about creating or leveraging the power of viral content today too. Guaranteed!

Have a listen via instant download or read the entire podcast transcript below.

Transcript below for the readers in the house!

On the 4th of January 2016, I saw a picture on Facebook of a quote. It read:

“If you want 2016 to be your year, don’t sit on the couch and wait for it. Go out. Fucking make a change. Smile more. Be excited. Do new things. Clean your apartment. Throw away what you’ve been cluttering. Unfollow negative people on social media. Go to bed early. Wake up early. Be fierce. Don’t gossip. Show more gratitude. Do things that challenge you. Be Brave.”

I thought ‘Hey, I’ve been quiet on Facebook over the holiday season, i’ll share it’.

Usually when I post quotes I get between 2-10 Likes. (And with an audience of 12K+ on Facebook you can imagine that I bloody can’t stand the Facebook algorithm as it stands today.. seriously Facebook. Seriously!)

Anyway… I’m about to go all Buzzfeed on you, because…

I posted the quote and then YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED!

Within 4 days, that one quote had been:

  • > Shared over 33,000 times.

  • >  Liked over 8,200 times

  • >  Reached a whopping 3.89M people. YEP. Nearly Four MILLION people!

  • >  165k people talking about my page

  • >  2,221 New Likes on my Facebook page


The Quote that reached 3.8M people in a four day period

Now, wouldn’t it be nice for my profit coaching business if I could tell you this was all strategic and I had planned this to happen when I posted this quote on Jan 4?

How very amazing of me.

However, this was indeed a total FLUKE. My Facebook reach went the week previously while I had left my account largely unmanaged on Christmas holidays went from a reach of 20k to nearly 4M in the space of a few days… You know, only 3 million 7 hundred and fifty thousand more viewers. 😉

So, what can I teach you about a total fluke? A lot actually.


The totally viral reach of this one post. Earlier that week I had a reach of less than 20k.

You see, I wanted to make sure that I shared as much value with you about what happened with this post as it happened, but more so what I did after the post went viral that made the biggest difference to my business.

Most new bloggers in this awesome position would be thrilled to just see the stats. They’d tell a few friends about it, maybe post a status about it and get totally high off the fumes of all that internet lovin’ for a while. And then of course the world and the internet would move onwards and all things would return back to that darn (at times crappy) Facebook algorithm again.

Me? When I saw this viral action taking place though, my 10+ years in sales kicked in and I began to rub my hands together with glee.

I wanted to optimise the reach I suddenly had thrust in my virtual hands by these 3.8M Facebook users.

Why This Particular Quote Went Viral/Worked

I’m going to start by explaining a few things I have realised about this particular quote which worked in favour of its share-ability and love-ability and own version of bom-doggity on the web!

Then, I’ll walk you through the steps I took when this freak of nature quote began to get down with it’s bad self online and became a TRULY viral post to maximise my own personal results and value… i.e leveraging the quote to make some money.

Simple Formula About The Quote That Made It Special

1: The quote was simple in both design and colour palette. Even those who typically only share content which matches their own branding were pretty safe with sharing this quote.

2: It’s totally worth tagging a friend in it! I mean, how many things within this one quote are relateable to any one of us? Who has an apartment that’s dirty? Who has some toxic friends in their life right now? Who’s been playing small, judging others, staying up too late? I can think of about… umm… a MILLION! Every single one of these little ‘options’ within the post gives the viewer the chance to tag a friend or someone they feel this relates to. There’s 18 points within this one quote. That’s 18 times more opportunities for tagging if you work by my logic.

3: Time of year – January, everyone is thinking about being more, doing more, having more, fulfilling their dreams, cleaning their apartment etc…you get me. Also most people are on holidays and some (SHOCK) are bored. What are they doing hanging at the beach, at their parents house, or sitting around the table at their crazy Uncle Barry’s place? They’re scrolling like mad! They’re on Facebook more than ever, so timing – Jan 4 – would have played a huge part in this.
Note: A lot of people went ‘back to work’ on Jan 4, which would have suited this quote to a tee also. New plans and agenda’s for the coming year or a serious case of ‘I can’t be bothered with w.o.r.k yet so I’m getting onto Facey.

4: I’m just going to come out and say it… The quote has the word ‘Fu*king’ in it.
Oh, how we love a well placed swear-word.
Even for those peeps who typically turn their nose up at ‘inspirational quotes’, by having that ‘naughty-naughty’ swearword in the quote it tips them over the edge.

Oh you’re so naughty!  steve-carrell-so-naughty

Side note.. studies now show that people who swear most are CLEVERER! So, those with a penchant for profanity have a higher IQ. And of course we all know there are so many smart people on the internet and all of these smart people were sharing this quote. 😉

Personally I think it’s a smart thing to do having that one profanity in the quote.

I don’t feel like it overwhelms the message and it adds a little somethin’ somethin’ that sits just outside of the typical inspirational quotes we see online. Keep most of it clean, but throw a teeny, little up-starter in there to keep you on your toes and it may well make all the difference…

 Some people HATED seeing the word ‘Fuc*ing’ in this quote. And they said so. Out of the 333 quotes and rising, there were a number of comments such as ‘I like the quote, but could do without the swearwords’, or ‘What’s inspirational about vulgar language’. BUT the majority rules, and you know what? People are entitled to their opinion. I left their comments there… they added to the reach… hehehe. 😉

Also, you may have picked up that I said that I ‘left’ those comments about not liking the profanity there. So this means that I deleted some? Yep! I did.

Some people HATED the quote. They wrote abusive, rude, disrespectful and down-right hateful comments under the post. They obviously did NOT find it either amusing OR inspirational… and when my own awesome audience started to get involved in discussions with these idiots about it, I started deleting the original hateful comments.

My page is not about hate, trolling and/or bullying. My page. My rules.


It was then that I got super-inspired to find out if my own idea of this ‘formula’ for a viral quote had any merit.

While I was writing this post, I decided I wanted to run an experiment, or case study on this ‘formula’ so to speak. I found another quote which fits this description pretty closely. It’s by Elizabeth Gilbert and the quote goes a little something like this:

“The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace did not get that way because shit worked out. They got that way because shit went wrong, and they handled it. They handled it in a thousand different ways on a thousand different days, but they handled it. Those women are my superheroes.”

This quote has a few things in common with the the super-viral one at first glance:

#1. The design is just as plain, just as simple and just as blank a canvas from a branding perspective.
#2. The message is inspirational
#3. It has that ‘Oh So Naughty ‘swear-word’ in it. In fact, it’s got two! And I believe that Liz Gilbert’s gentle yet powerful writing style allows the two in naughty words in without the message becoming vulgar. Don’t you?
#4. People are compelled to tag their friends in this post. It has one of those messages which unites an entire segment of the population and there are no two larger segments than that of men or women. Liz hits the ladies with this one and they LOVE it!

Note: As you can see from my image, this was posted only 21 hours before I added the data to this podcast/blogpost. So the stats and reach are sure to rise.


Same same as the original viral post and in 24 hours a bigger reach than any other post BUT for the Monster!

Updated stats at 31 hours online:

  • > Likes: 141

  • > Shares: 50

  • > Reach: 7,637

  • > Comment: 13

Now, it’s not VIRAL, like the monster before it, however it is my highest reaching post besides that one for the entire last month. Food for thought perhaps?

Before interrupting to throw in this case study though, I was talking about swear words.

How I leveraged the post to make a profit for myself

1: I did not share the quote directly from the page I found it.

To begin with, before the quote became more famous than the Bachelorette contestants, I did something that most don’t bother to do. I saved the image on my hard-drive and then shared it ‘for the first time’ on my page. I can’t remember where I learned that this was better than re-sharing someone else’s post, but I did. You see, when you share someone else’s post, the weight of reach tips in THEIR favour… not yours. You want ALL ACTION TO STEM FROM YOU!

 Please note… I didn’t ‘recreate’ the quote in a design program and share it again as my own without attributing it.  If I had just copied someone else’s quote and shared it as my own that would be totally NOT-COOL!
I ‘right-clicked’ the original image and saved the original image as I found it (.jpg file) and then shared it. I didn’t re-create it. The quote was never attributed.

The quote I shared was the EXACT quote as I originally found it and was already found through a shared/shared/shared scenario.  I simply saved and then posted it again as an ‘upload picture’. I have no idea who the original creator of it is. (p.s as per Aus. copyright laws this is totally fine to share an un-attributed quote if there is no information about where it has originated.)

So yes, there is a person out there whom we don’t know who indeed created a behemoth, but we know not who. 

2: I didn’t add my own text or words or thoughts to the quote.

This allowed the quote to act for itself. Story-telling is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but in this case, a personal story would have meant that any person looking to share the quote they liked would also have to connect with my personal message.

That’s one more connection than most people can be bothered with. And what if they loved the quote but didn’t like my message? (Maybe they would have done what I did, saved it and shared it as their own and received all the ju ju I was getting from the post).

3: I worked with the Facebook algorithm and I worked the Facebook algorithm baby!

Facebook can suck BIG-TIME when it comes to helping you reach people with your products or services. Not only are more businesses and pages than ever on Facebook as of now. Now. Now. But every page which has something to sell or an external link attached to a post is finding it much, much more difficult to get traction from than ever before.

The reason is two-fold. Not only is there more people and businesses on the platform, but also Facebook is a business (I mean, it’s only worth a few BILLION dollars, but… whatever;) and of course as a business, they want to make the mo-nay! (don’t knock them for it, its smart business really and is the classic case of supply vs. demand.)

So if you have a product or service that you want to sell and Facebook can sell you more reach (value for you), then damn straight they’re going to charge you for it.

However the algorithm isn’t all ‘nasty/smart’ like that. Facebook also rewards pages which have great activity. The more reach your posts get, the more they show your posts to people. The more likes, comments, shares, activity etc that you get on your posts, the more reach Facebook gives you. This can be a frustrating thing, especially for new bloggers without a big budget. It’s like the chicken and the egg, which is why Facebook want you to pay for the original reach… but in this specific case, the reach was offered on a platter to me.

(Think about how many pages you have ‘LIKED” over your history with Facebook?  Now… how many of those pages posts do you actually see on a daily basis? Not many huh?)

Now, with this monster viral post… the Facebook algorithm would have seen how tremendously loved the post was and it therefore would have thought to in it’s own little mathematical equation ‘Oh this page has great content, we’ll show this content to more people’. And so Facebook would have actually HELPED this viral post be seen by more of my page ‘LIKERS’ and their friends.

So now I have more organic reach? How did I ‘Work’ the algorithm?

1: I posted sales opportunities for my products after this viral post because I knew that these offers would reach more people.

I ‘Boosted’ all of these posts too. (But not the viral post).
I boosted a post offering entry to my health businesses eCourse (for $25) and was able to sell $1,600 worth within a 48 hour period at only $50 each. That’s 32 sales of that one particular product. 

Facebook ad 2

The ad I used to make the extra $1,600 in a 48 hour period

2: I shared and boosted blogposts which were direct content marketing posts about another product I sell, kombucha.

On a day where I typically sell two at $35 each, I sold eight – which made me $280.

**** Recommended podcast listening: How To Make An Extra $700 A Week By Automating A Simple Email Sequence.

How I Used My ‘Bonus Reach’ To Grow My List

1: I asked people to get onto my list and shared my free value-add Optin

From this viral post I made an instant financial gain, however there is also an ‘after, after party’ to this viral post (and we all know the ‘after’ after party is where the cool stuff happens right?)

I posted a link and image to a LeadPages ‘Leadbox’ I had created (essentially a sign up page for my email list which you can make for free in Mailchimp if you like). The picture was of the free eBook I give my subscribers when they sign up to my The Whole Daily newsletter. I Love this eBook and even though I created it over a year ago, it has greatly added to my 11k+ newsletter list.

This particular image and link to the sign up page was ‘liked’ 67 times and commented on over 20 times and people were tagging their friends in it too.

I gained 200 new subscribers in the next 3 days. 

I’ve shared before with my audience about an automated email sequence I have set up in my Mailchimp account which contributes between $400 to $700 per week for me without me touching it.

Some of these new subscribers I now have – who, if not for the viral post may not have found me – will eventually buy from me. The gift that keeps on giving this viral post right?

**** Recommended podcast listening: How I make an extra $400 to $700 per week using my simple automated email sequence


This image wasn't 'clickable'. I put the link to my Leadpages 'Leadbox' in the description of the post.

This image wasn’t ‘clickable’. I put the link to my Leadpages ‘Leadbox’ in the description of the post.


Okay, so that is obviously working the algorithm from a financial perspective, me ‘piggy-backing’ off my own good fortune , but I also posted more images of my personal life…. my garden, my kids in the garden and just generally information about our lives and the way we live it. Because relationships matter and I truly value the connection I have with my audience.

I also shared info about how I’d put my back out and the interesting start to my new year. I even asked for recommendations for Netflix shows and got over 50 comments and chats within that one post.

Here’s some examples of images I shared.

Up-cycled trunk

An old trunk the girls and I up-cycled this week.

The farm pumpkin

Our first pumpkin and a sign that the girls and I made when we planted our first garden in our new house this year.

holly garden 2016

Holly thinning out our pumpkin vines.

For me, the value isn’t always immediately financial, though of course there was an excellent element of that to this specific instance.

For me it is also about building a true connection with those who already LIKE my page and potentially haven’t been dished up a post of mine for a while thanks to the ol’ Facebook algorithm, and also me connecting to those new people on my page who have no idea who I am, what The Whole Daily is and what we stand for.

I also I tested posting other types of quotes and they didn’t do so good. One got 2 likes and one got 8 likes. Both didn’t fit the formula above funnily enough.

Where’s Your Head At?

As always, I always mention any caveats that make a difference with MY results vs. YOUR potential results.

While most of you who’re reading are either fairly new to blogging or have built up a smaller following either on social or on your list than what I have now, the same messages and the same lessons do apply.

The results I got and what I did to optimise the value of this post which reached 3.8M people are the same you can use if you have your own killer post and it reaches 10k or even 5k if that’s a big number for you. It’s all relative.

Maybe my extra $1,880 that came from the OOMPH of my own viral post looks like an extra $100 for you. And seriously, if you can get an extra $100 off the back of something like this as a bonus, then that is just as amazing!

Never forget that we all start in the same place and that to diss yourself or think that what happened here for me isn’t possible for you is not real, it’s an imagined and unhealthy negative belief-system… the type you’ve got to work on to get your business in shape. Mindset and Method must go hand in hand for you to run your most profitable blog

So, remember this little formula for viral ‘quotes’… but more than that, I want this post to make you think about how you can optimise opportunities that present themselves to you that you didn’t see coming.

I have a plan for the year which didn’t include this viral post so it kicked me into a new achievement goal this week. Once you get your mindset working in a way that accesses or starts to see areas for potential… you can reap the rewards now and well into the future if you think smart. And I assure you there’s always more than one way to optimise any opportunity like this.

I hope you gained as much value out of this post as what I did during this whole experience.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below… and if you’ve listened on the podcast then I’d adore if you could leave me a review if you liked the show. Once I get to 100 reviews I’m going to be doing a National Tour (BOOYYYAAAAA!) and I’d love that to be soon! 

Love Al. X

Show Notes:
**** Recommended podcast listening: How To Make An Extra $700 A Week By Automating A Simple Email Sequence.

**** Recommended podcast listening: How I make an extra $400 to $700 per week using my simple automated email sequence

The Whole Daily Facebook page

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Life Transformation Project

Product: Kombucha 

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13 Responses to "How I Made An Extra $1,880 In 48 Hours After A Quote I Posted On Facebook Went Viral"
  1. Amanda says:

    LOOOVEEE everything about this podcast. I love the broken down step by step, the case study BRILLIANT and actionable tips. Love it, so much food for thought on my social media strategy.

    • Alice Nicholls says:

      And I LOVE that you’ve taken the time to leave your comment Amanda! Thanks so much for the feedback. I really loved (oh so much love here huh?) creating this podcast and blogpost. It was so valuable for me also and I’m glad others can get those lessons I learned from it too! Have a great day. 🙂

  2. Thanks for an amazing podcast Alice. As always, I have learned a lot 🙂

    I am actually working on new quotes today and will be simplifying the design of them to see how I go xx

    • Alice Nicholls says:

      Thanks for commenting Vanessa, I’m so happy that you got some value out of this podcast and have thought about how to implement this into your own work. I’d love to hear how it goes. You go off and have an amazing day!
      Al. X

  3. Kristin says:

    Ooh – I am so curious now! I am going to conduct my own case study…will let you know how it goes!

    • Alice Nicholls says:

      Please do! I would love to hear how you go. Thanks for commentingKristen. I’m super-glad you’re overe ‘ere! 😉

  4. Um, am I missing something? It seems that you copied the first quote without any attribution and so it looks like your own words. If that’s the case it’s a dodgy thing to do.

    • Alice Nicholls says:

      Hi Jan, you are missing something, and that’s okay! 😉 Thanks for your comment because you are indeed right, if I had just copied someone else’s quote and shared it as my own that would be totally shitty!
      As I mentioned in the blog post and podcast, I ‘right-clicked’ the original image and saved the original image as I found it (.jpg file) and then shared it. I didn’t re-create it. And the quot was never attributed. The quote I shared was the EXACT quote as I originally found it and was already found through a shared/shared/shared scenario. I simply saved and then posted it again as an ‘upload picture’. I have no idea who the original creator of it is. (p.s as per Aus copyright laws this is totally fine to share an un-attributed quote if there is no information about where it has originated.) Really there is a person out there whom we don’t know who indeed created a behemoth, however I have never not attributed a quote I knew to be from someone else. Have a great day.

      • Alice Nicholls says:

        Hi Jan, me again… I added an addendum to the podcast and changed the text above within the blogpost so that it was clear what I had done with the quote. You weren’t the only person to bring this up. I’m glad you came and checked it out. 🙂 Al. X

  5. Krista says:

    Alice, thanks so much for yet another detailed and highly informative podcast. And kudos for doing so with a numb mouth! 😉 My question is, you mentioned you saved the image and reposted (not a quote that you created), does that not infringe on copyright laws? For example, if the person you took the image from made that quote and you reposted it without credit, could that get you into trouble? I’ve always steered clear of doing so just to be safe. Thanks!

    • Krista says:

      Sorry, haha, should’ve read the comments before posting my Q. Looks like you’ve addressed this with the previous commenter 🙂 Thanks

      • Alice Nicholls says:

        Hi Krista, it’s a valid point and made me realise I obviously hadn’t messaged it very well. I added an addendum to the podcast and changed the text above within the blogpost so that it was clear what I had done. You’re 100% right that if anybody reposts content that can be attributed and do not, then they are bad, bad, bloggers! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you came and checked it out. 🙂 Al. X

  6. Hi Alice, Thank you for walking us through the steps to capitalise on a viral post. I, for one, would be so excited to have my post go viral and yet I wouldn’t have a plan in place to maximise the opportunities that this brings! I kind of just thought this would happen on it’s own (crazy right?). So this is a great lesson to learn. Such awesome content from you Alice, yet again xx


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