The Epic 27 Step List For Fast-Tracking Your Blog Success

The Epic 27 Step List For Fast-Tracking Your Blog Success

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This epic 27 step list is designed to help you streamline your Blog To Profit strategy so that you can make money faster and smarter from your blog. By the end of this post/cast, you will have an outline you can build from to help you get to that ‘profitable’ stage a lot faster than your regular newbie blogger.

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When I was a new blogger I used to fling all the sh*t at the walls and hope that some of it stuck. An exercise which is exhausting and time-wasting.

All of points on this epic list will help you profit from your blog faster, or fast-track your blogging success if you implement them.

I’m making this a list type podcast for you and I’m going to be stepping very lightly into each topic. Please know that there can be so much more to teach within each of these steps. We cover these off in Blog To Profit the premium eCourse to create, promote and profit from your blog, and you can find information about that here. You can hear more about that at the end of this post/cast, the cart closes on Feb 19th and we kick-off on Feb 22nd (2016)

I have also created a FREE & EPIC 27 Step Guide with digitally enabled text boxes for you to fill in yourself so that you can keep it in your office and tick off the list. If you’re twiddling your thumbs wondering what you’re going to be doing today on your blog to help get yourself to profit faster, this free and epic guide will help you.



Make sure you download it here.

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1. Choose your niche as soon as possible

2. Name your brand.

3. Create cohesive branding elements. Use Photoshop, canva or pic monkey for free. You don’t need to be a designer for this, remember simple is better. Check out for colour palette’s. Choose two balanced fonts. Print these out and stick them in your office. Create your brand statement and/or tagline

4. Buy domain name (URL) and choose a hosting service. Bluehost make this incredibly easy to do on the same platform with 24/7 support for under $5 a month. Find them here.

5. Build your website, install your theme. Don’t make your blog messy. Keep it simple. Don’t install too many plugins or it will slow your website down. Checkout the theme guide from for simple and elegant themes here.

6. Create a time-centric goal. Plan backwards. For example – if you want to make $10k this year from your blog, then write down 10k profit 12 months from now and then break that down like MC Hammer into monthly and weekly targets. I spoke about this in a podcast you can listen to here.

It’s so much easier to connect with a goal when it is broken down incrementally. Over a year this is $833 per month. Or $192 per week. Or $27 per day. So if you were selling a book for $20 per copy you need to sell 1.3 copies of your book each day. Or if you’re selling a video course for $100, you would need to sell just under 2 per week and of course if you were selling a $1000 program you need to sell 10 over the year, or just under one per month.

7. Join Mailchimp for emails and create a sign up page either through Mailchimp or a landing page company. Add subscribe bars to your website in at least these three places over the place. In the header in a place the eye can see without scrolling down, at the end of your posts and in the sidebar of your posts.

8. Create a free Optin. Something you give to all the people who subscribe to your blog and give you their email address. Give away your best thinking.

9. Take the time to write a content plan i.e. the blog posts you are going to create. Create a schedule (can be flexible) of which posts you will share, when.

10. Write a handful of blog posts specifically related to your niche which ‘reverse market’ your audience to the product or service you sell. If you don’t have a product or service yet, create a call to action to subscribe to be notified of when that product or service drops. Learn how to reverse market your content to gain more of the right traffic and increase your profit in this podcast here.

11. Create your first product or service. ($19 products will be harder to hit your goal than a $100 product). Invest a minimum of 10mins every day into this and simply be focused on completion.

12. Consider what other methods you can use to bring in revenue to your blog. Consider how you will use your platform to create multiple revenue streams. Relying on one thing can cause so much stress and anxiety (especially if you want your blog to be your full-time income).

13. Start talking about that product or service that you’re going to be selling early and a lot. Build excitement (+ bonus, validate your idea by reviewing your audience reaction).

14. Begin forming blogger community relationships, with both other bloggers and also with your target audience. Go where they are. Invest time to build the relationships with them. Comment on other bloggers posts,

15. Ask for feedback about your content, from your target audience ideally. What are you missing, what do they need. Ask in email, on social and in person where the occasion arises.

16. Spruik your free optin and the value your audience will receive by getting onto your list as much as possible. You could set up a small investment Facebook add to share your landing/signup page or set up a scheduled recurring call to action across your social media platforms using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or SocialOomph.

17. Ask for what you want. Write a list of the things you want that require support or help from other people. Begin asking for what you want. Ask for traction or for shares or for likes, to be interviewed, to interview. Ask for everything that will help you reach your goal. The worst that can happen is you hear ‘no’, the best of course, ‘yes’. Try to reciprocate any favours that you can.

18. Edit your posts. Check and re-check your posts and writing before you send it out.

19. Post consistently on the social media channels where your target audience are most.

20. Email marketing. Email your subscribers consistently and be present. Set up an automated email flow for new subscribers to share your value and welcome them into your tribe. This gives you the opportunity to also share the products and services that you have to offer. You can learn about how I make an extra $400-$700 per week using this automated email series process in this podcast here.

21.Communication is key & relationships matter – take the time to be real and authentic in your email messaging. This may take time. Truly care about your audience and their success or their outcome, they will be the people who tell you what they want you to create, they will be the people who tell their friends about your products or services. These are the basis of your 1000 true fans. Nourish each and every one of them. Be the lighthouse to your small group or your one until it grows into more.

22. Speak to all the different people on your email list – use sales and conversation psychology if you like – this post I created helps you see how to do this. There are benefits to both you and your audience in this. It helps to qualify them in or out of your product or service and your audience.

23. Be consistent. Posting your blog posts, posting on social media, emailing your audience. Creating and engaging in conversation with your readers, communicating with other bloggers in your industry and with your target audience. 

24. Create a content marketing schedule. This is different to a content plan. This is the plan of how and how often you are going to share your product and service information and content marketing to reach the goals you have created in Step #6, of breaking down your main goal into incremental steps.

25. Launch your product or service. Leveraging all of your contacts, your platforms and your communication means that you can. Be open and ready for growth and lessons and opportunity to learn and perfect next time. Launching is a big step in itself. Get support where possible.

26. Be visible. Video is a great way to do this. It doesn’t have to be professional video, which can feel at times very inauthentic, use a simple upload to Facebook from your phone if you like. Share who you really are so that your people can connect with you where it matters most. Audience smells inauthenticity through the computer. It’s best to be you. Remember that you are the expert, even small tips can change your target audiences day or life for the better.

27. Invest in education. All great success stories have invested in education. Classes, courses, seminars, conferences, books, audio books, videos, eCourses etc. Surround yourself with those who know more than you and you will then know more. It is true tht you are the sum of the people and knowledge you surround yourself with. Make great decisions in regards to this. Money spent on education is money well spent.



Make sure you download it here.

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  1. Wow, Alice! Your content is amazing. Also, I’m so glad you’ve got me into ‘The Tim Ferriss Show’. Between the two of you, I’m feeling much more equipped to smash through barriers and play bigger. Thanks for your ‘service’ mentality!

    • Alice Nicholls says:

      Anna, thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate that. You have just added myself and Tim Ferriss into the same sentence. MY LIFE HAS BEEN MADE! 😉

      Tim is a unicorn.

      I am honoured to have you here. You are so valued and I look forward to working with you onwards and upwards into the future! Have a great day.

  2. Lacey says:

    Thank you so much for this Alice. I enjoyed listening to all of your wonderful tips 🙂

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