Emily Ehlers. Connecting The Dots Backwards.

Emily Ehlers. Connecting The Dots Backwards.

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“You are not your brand, you are not your blog, you are not your business. If it ended, you would be okay.” – Emily Ehlers

I want to introduce you today to the woman I consider to be the sassy and hilarious Reece Witherspoon of Australia.

Emily Ehlers is a copywriter and creative entrepreneur from Perth, Western Australia.

Emily uses her skills to creatively and colourfully to leave things better by helping awesome humans find the perfect words to say what it is they want to say about their business + beliefs. She works with solopreneurs  and small businesses in the health & wellness, creative and environmental industries.

emily-ehlers-pictureShe wants to talk less about the weather and more about that crazy-kinda-cool idea you had in the shower and that sneaking suspicion that maybe it could change the world.

Her whole adventure started as an eco blog, where she experimented with making her own toothpaste, living plastic-free and basically just reducing her inappropriate groping of Mother Earth. This saw Emily speaking at festivals, rambling on the radio and being the Social Media Manager that contributed to ‘Freo’ going plastic-free.In 2015 Emily pulled a ‘Steve Jobs’ and began connecting the dots looking back. She loved helping people do great things with their life, she knew a bucketload about health, wellness and online business and she loved writing more than anything else.The solution was simple: Emily leant in and launched her creative copywriting business which is how she now takes her blog to profit. Dozens of entrepreneurs have now sashayed through her saloon doors (and she’s loved everyone one of ‘em). She’s written books, run workshops and spoken at summits, and now, she’s speaking to us at The Blog To Profit Show.


Come listen.

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Show Notes

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Her Book: Cruisy – The Road Less Frazzled



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