How To Achieve 1 Goal in 30 Days with Alice Nicholls

How To Achieve 1 Goal in 30 Days with Alice Nicholls

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Come and achieve 1 goal in 30 days with my support.

Something happened today that was unexpected on the show. I was jotting down notes for an episode on goal setting over the last couple of weeks and today I opened up my audio tool and just pressed record using the thoughts in the my head and not a script, which I usually loosely follow.

I won’t lie… some of the plan for this episode came to me while I was recording it. So let me give you a rundown of what you’re going to get out of this epic show.

YOU my friend, are invited to achieve 1 goal in 30 days, with me.

How To Achieve 1 Goal in 30 Days with Alice Nicholls

  • Goal Setting
  • Procrastination + Shiny Things Syndrome
  • Why we don’t achieve our goals.
  • The 8 steps involved in setting yourself up for goal achievement.
  • Introduction into a 30 day Goal-Setting support group (yes – support will help!)
  • Free Goal Setting eBook + I share my own goal setting notes
  • My personal goal for the next 30 days you can follow
  • Email support for your goals

Ready to rock with this?

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13 Responses to "How To Achieve 1 Goal in 30 Days with Alice Nicholls"
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    Grade A stuff. I’m unntbsuioqaely in your debt.

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