How To Get your First 100 Email Subscribers (and upwards!)

How To Get your First 100 Email Subscribers (and upwards!)

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This video + audio training has 14 steps on how to get your first 100 email subscribers (and UP!)

Learn exactly why getting email subscribers is a long-term and highly important business strategy.


  • What four questions you must answer if you want to communicate your message in a way that will inspire people to sign up to your list.
  • Why you may want to ditch the idea of profiting from your list right now and how tis can grow your business in the future.
  • 3 reasons choosing your niche is so important to getting new subscribers.
  • Why effective communication is paramount to growing your newsletter list.
  • What the ‘Duh’ strategy is for email list building and why most people don’t do this today.
  • The ONE thing that you must do to continue to build your list over time (that most people don’t do!)

BONUS: Here is your free resource book including all the resources and links to software, books, posts and training that I have referenced in this video training on how to get your first 100 subscribers and UP!

How To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

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Here’s your video training. ‘How To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers… and Up!’

You can listen to the podcast here if you don’t ‘dig’ video training. 

Here is the complete training transcription

This is a transcription of the complete training. Please excuse any spelling errors. 

“After polling you, my lovely reader slashie audience slashie facebook group member, the topic of today’s training is quite obviously a winner.

How to get your first 100 email subscribers.

Firstly, some info from my own list so you know exactly where I am coming from here. I have two main email lists with a total of 14k subscribers who are cleaned and lean.

In creating this training or looking down the barrel of this topic, I realize that it needs more colour around the niche topic itself.

Is that 100 subscribers in a year?

6 months?

30 days?

Also we didn’t put a cap on whether or not we were going to invest money into getting email subscribers or not.  Because damn sure we could get 100 new subscribers with a $10k budget right? (well I sincerely hope you could!)

But of course, this training, as with all of my training, I’m trying to meet you where you are in your journey, so spending 10K wouldn’t make a hell of a lot of sense.

In the end, in the knowledge that you are a fairly new blogger who would eventually like to profit from your blog, but who doesn’t have a lot of spare cash to spend on it, we can step into this training with the goal of attaining 100 new subscribers without spending a cent… in money.

I’m putting an emphasis on ‘money’ because you are going to need to spend TIME on this, and time is worth much more than money.

You can spend $100 and then make it back but you will never make your time back love, which is why it’s important to make the most of it.

A tried but true cliché.

So let’s make today’s training about how to get your first 100 subscribers in 60 days for zero dollars (but by throwing in a bit of hard work and some stepping out of your comfort zone).


You thought you could get away with building your email subscriber base with strategy only and no mindset?

Not if you want to build it as quickly as possible honey. And this is a good test for you anyway.

Because me tell you something on the side… you could TRIPLE your subscribers in the next 60 days also if you follow all of these steps.

Which is why it’s great that the information in this training scales not just across your first 100 subscribers, but that it is also relevant onwards and upwards into the future also.

You can keep following these steps to gain subscribers whether you’re aiming for 100 or 10,000. And if you follow these steps you can have over 10,000 one day. Juts like us.

Let’s start by looking at why newsletter subscribers are even important. In the first place. There’s 3 key reasons. (many more reasons of course but these are top!)

Number 1. Your newsletter list is the fastest route of contact to your target audience from yourself. You’re reaching people where they spend the majority of their day, in their inbox. A social media post can be lost in an instant like an orange in a waterfall, however your email is going to sit there in your recipients inbox until some sort of action has been taken with it.

Number 2. You can form relationships with your audience on a more personal level through sending them information in a conversational form.

Number 3. Your sales conversion rates from your newsletter list will (or are in most cases) be higher than from your other sales mediums.

Meaning you win more sales from your newsletter list than any other platform.

Why? For the top two reasons. A) You reach your audience easily where they are. B) The relationship you have formed with your audience over time.

So the saying that ‘the money is in the list’ is true.

And while you can absolutely have a thriving business with fewer audience members who are completely engaged and trusting of you, if you have a big, bigger, bigger-again list size, then you have more people to sell to and logically, you can profit more also.

This is why list building, (or LEAD generating in sales speak,) is so important.

Newsletter subscriber list building is not just a ‘nice-to-have’ or a ‘I’ll do that when I have time’ type of ‘maybe’ job.

Newsletter list building should form a strategic part of your business plan.

What’s super cool about your asking me to create something for you on this particular topic is that this training given AFTER the last two training sessions. (which I’ll link up to in the post for this training).

These were:

I couldn’t have written it better myself, because you gals have actually asked for this training, because if you put the three of these together they will create for you, a big giant line of upwards trajectory…

As long as you don’t get in your own way, or let that Inner Critic get in your way okay?

Okay dokey, you ready?

I’m numbering these for you so that we can keep track of where we are because there’s

NUMBER ONE: Choose your niche.

What the heck does choosing your niche have to do with getting subscribers to your newsletter?

Three solid reasons, though I’m sure there’re more. The first is that your target audience need something to cling onto and YOU my darling friend, are their life-raft. If you don’t know what your topic of expertise is, then how can you expect your target audience to meet you there, connect with your message and slam their email address into your subscribe bar?

Think about yourself when you’re in this situation putting your email address down into someone else’s subscribe bar. How do you feel in this moment? I know for myself: ‘This person has that thing that is going to solve my pain. I could use that’. And as someone who is ever trying to simplify things I ask myself ‘do I really need to sign up to this persons list. If their solution is compelling enough, I do. Which brings me to numbers 2 and three.

The second reason is that knowing and having a target niche makes your job so much easier. Every piece of communication you create or share is made simpler by your knowing and anchoring into the core topic.

This helps you in every state of content creation and planning. From planning your content schedule, your marketing, your sales, all of your copy, deciding which events to attend and so much more.

Also, Three? This allows OTHER people to refer you so much easier . If you have one particular, clear niche, how much easier is it not just for an audience to who are already engaged with you to share your info. For instance, let’s say you’re like Alexx Stuart, the ‘Low-Tox’ woman. If anybody asks me whether I know where to get info on ‘Low-Tox’ living Alexx is the first person I think of and send people to. I know you could think of someone like this when it comes to other topics right? Like Sarah Wilson for Quitting Sugar, Pete Evans for paleo.


NUMBER TWO: The most important questions you will ever need to answer

Answer these four questions


This is what makes step 1 so important. Because if you haven’t chosen a niche, how can you answer these four questions that truly do make ALL of your communication so much easier.

Now there is a caveat around this okay because you may not have really cemented yourself in any one particular niche yet and be struggling with this. So listen up. If you are brand new to blogging, then practice on you. Write for you. Write as if no-one is going to read your blog. If you must, write on 3 different topics if you don’t know which one you like the best. And forget about profit for a while. Pushing it won’t help you.

However, at some stage if you actually want to profit well from your blog (whether that’s $1000 a year or $10,000 a year or more), and It’s good to set a time line on this, you have to make the choice on your niche topic.

Because then you’re not just a life-raft for your target audience and those people who are going to subscribe… you are a BEACON, or a lighthouse for them.


So if you can pick your niche and cement yourself in it, now you can answer these four questions (I’ll create a PDF doc for you to fill in so you can use this to do so – simply check out the post I’ll create for this webinar) you can begin to go out and gain your first 100 subscribers.

NUMBER THREE: Be able to simply articulate these questions in as many places as you can and especially when you want to grab people to go onto your email list. For health or wellbeing bloggers, this is where you have to be especially careful because too many ‘personal’ soft words more on the spiritual level or self-love level, may not make sense or reach your target audience where they are at the moment they come to your website.

If a stranger comes to your site who is also your target audience and they can’t figure out what it is your do when they read your subscribe bar or if your ‘Pop-up’ shows up in front of them and it’s an intangible message that is hard to understand, how many people are going to want to sign up for that?

I advise that you practice spooling your message into short snippets of text that you can and will use everywhere you can to call the audience to action to sign up for your newsletter list.

NUMBER FOUR: The giveaway. So really, if you were here for the webinar I ran 3 weeks ago, which I will link to in the blog post for this webinar, you can see how to create a free optin that will actually help you sell more in the future. Do that. I’ll link up to that post in the blog post attached to this recording for you so you can get started.

Who listening to this has created a FREE optin because you have heard a million times that’s what you must do to get new subscribers (heck, that’s what I’ve TOLD you you should do to get new subscribers) and then you launch it. That baby you have laboured over, shed tears for, stretched yourself and your knowledge for and been frustrated by and almost been broken in creating….

You shout about it – actually you don’t – you speak about it in an almost audible voice for an almost week or two weeks… and then you never mention it again and simply leave a pick or a call to action on your website about it, never to be mentioned again.

I get it. I know you’re tired of it. You laboured over it, hated building some of it, went though moments of love, and pain and extreme frustration pushing this baby out to the world.

But I want you to keep spreading that message for as long as that Optin is around.

Remember new people will be coming to your website on a regular basis that are brand new to you and your work. Don’t do them a disservice by not telling them what you have created and leading them to your list.

NUMBER FIVE: Offer a subscriber only value (that may differ from a Free Optin). It might be a discount to your products or services, VIP or early access or even free access or first offer access to beta testing a course or eBook or program that you’re creating.

It might be that they receive a voucher from you to share with a bestie on her or HIS birthday or that they can share forward. This is an excellent way of building a bigger audience through referral (or where someone else is doing the work for you).

NUMBER SIX. The ‘Duh’ strategy for getting new email subscribers.

I’m not trying to be rude here ladies. I am calling this the ‘Duh’ strategy because we all know we need to do this and yet most of us do not do this…

How’s about every week, somewhere in a galaxy far, far away… no really, in your own galaxy, you ASK whomever it is that is actually following your pages… any of them, to join your list because of the answers to those four questions.

Remember what they are?

Who you are, what the pain is your solve, how you solve that pain and what the value is to your audience after you’ve solved their pain.

If you have Hootsuite you can actually schedule a post to drop weekly or onto twitter or Facebook etc. so you never miss an opportunity to grow your list.

NUMBER SEVEN: Website lead machine. Most people have their subscribe bars in one place on their website, above the fold (or before you scroll down) on the home page. Above the fold, in the sidebar, on your about page.

Asking for subscribers on your website. Calls to action, pop-ups, exit intents, within posts (last week I ran a webinar on how I grab a heap of subscribers by adding strategically placed ‘sign-up’ boxes into my blog posts. I do this using leadboxes, but you can do this using mailchimp. Let me show you how hey?

I use Optin Monster and LeadPages and also love Natalie Lussier’s pop-ups which I’ll link up to all of these in the post attached to this training.

I’ve run a split test before on Pop-ups vs. simple sign up boxes on my website (what is a pop-up?) and I saw a 300% increase in subscribers on my pop-up… exit intent etc, so many different types these days. Use them!

In the end, it’s your business right? You want more customers? Get them on your list.

NUMBER EIGHT: Leverage your content. Create excellent blog content and include a solid ‘call to action’ within it.

Oh babes, I see you. I see you creating content AAHHHL the time. Good content, even epic content. And then you share it, once, twice, maybe even three times. And then you drop it like a cold coal and you move onto the next blog piece that is as easy to write as drawing blood.

It’s hard work right?

So, you may have heard me tell you to create 20% of the time and market 80% of the time in old convo, what I mean by this is that your existing content is incredibly valuable. Not only is it (hopefully) created in your niche, so you’re building long term SEO and thought leadership, but all the pieces of content you share should include a call to action somewhere, if not multiple ‘wheres’ for your audience to sign up to.

I recorded a webinar for you that I’ll link up to in the notes of this training that shows you how I create posts that build my subscribers base and make me more money, but just to share with you, it’s as simple as adding call’s to action within your post, just like the ads you see on posts on larger publishing platforms. It can be a small pic of your free optin with a ‘sign up to our newsletter for your free whitepaper, or guide, or shopping list’ etc, or even just a hyperlink that says ‘sign up to our newsletter for weekly articles just like this one’.

Now, because some of you listening will have a conniving little Inner Critic sitting on your shoulder right now who does not want you to succeed, he will be saying ‘ads won’t work on MY blogs because my readers don’t like them’ or ‘they’ll make my posts look bad and mess with my design’. So please allow me to say this love… IF your optin giveaway, or call to action is relevant to your blog post or the the topic you blog about, and it SHOULD be… then your return on investment for having the call to action within your post, should be greater than the amount of people that are bothered by it. (which may even just be your Inner Critic)

You’ve got to ask yourself what you’re here for. If it’s to write beautiful posts and work on your blog without profit or with a smaller profit then don’t do something like this.

But if you actually want to maximize your opportunity, you have to take people where their attention is and if they’re on your blog post, please, do not miss a chance to convert them to a subscriber ( or lead).

In short, and remember, calls to action in your blog posts.

NUMBER NINE: Comfort zone busting connection.

Invite your entire Facebook friendship circle to like your page.


Send an email to everyone in your family and all of your colleagues and let them know that you’ve created a blog and this is what it’s about. Place a link to the newsletter list in there, and let them know ‘This is the topic I’m blogging about, if you want to learn anymore about this topic or what I’m writing about, I’d love it if you would sign up for my newsletter. If you can think of anybody else who would like to see information about XXX then please send them this link. There’s no expectation of course, and thanks for your support’.

Now if you were already established and had busted some of your limitimg beliefs then you will want to simply attract to your list the people who are mostly likely to buy from you. These are the people who connect with the answers to your four important questions.

NUMBER TEN: Facebook Groups are the new forums get in there, build your thought-leadership. You won’t be seen as a thought leader however if you’re not participating.  Facebook groups are an incredible place to connect and communicate with other thought leaders in your own niche, but also the people who have a problem or a pain that your solution solves.

Begin and contribute to Facebook groups in your niche field and people WILL take notice of you, you can easily place yourself as a thought-leader in your field and you will inspire people back to your blog and newsletter list.

This is also an excellent way to get referrals.

NUMBER ELEVEN: Face to Face for online subscribers (host an event)

Hosting an event is an excellent way to build your list because not only are you going to get in front of people, converting more people, but you will also be able to get them to leave you with their email addresses.

You can take your iPad in with a Mailchimp app on it and get people to sign directly up to your list, or print out a paper list and have people add their name to it when they leave or arrive.

Imagine this: You host an event either by yourself, or with a blogger friend in the same niche or one in a complimentary niche and you get 30 people to the event. That’s 30 email addresses and you’re pretty much a third of the way to your goal.

Imagine if you ran TWO of these events in a 60 day period. You’ve then gotten 60 people on your list in 60 days from just ONE of these steps I’ve given you.

Pretty good huh?

NUMBER TWELVE: Host a competition that gets drawn once you reach 100 subscribers. Use a competition random prize drawer software so that your audience know you haven’t just given the prize to your mate.  (I’ve linked up to one in your free resources guide above).

NUMBER THIRTEEN: Super-connection.

A challenge, a mini-course, a daily reflection… anything that seems and is more engaged or valuable than a ‘weekly newsletter’ Communication. Jadah and Jen from ‘Simple Green Smoothies’ have grown a HUGE list (from thousands to tens of thousands) running their 30 day Simple Green Smoothie challenge.

Yours should be related to your niche topic of course. Say a meditation of the day or a fitness tip that goes on from the day before, or it could be a health tip or a recipe or a photography tip daily.

Or this idea I thought of for a painter friend of mine to lead a 30 day email thread that will take them from start to finish of a particular painting that people are wanting to try.

This works in two ways. Not only are you building a list, you’re giving yourself an opportunity create strong engagement with your target audience and, if you approach it well, you can begin to create conversations with your audience that will help you even more closely define the answers to your four questions.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this training, these are not simply ‘things’ to do until you get your first 100 subscribers. They are things you do for-ever loves or as part of your list building strategy.

I see so many of us – me included – who do a few things manically because we get so excited by new ideas and then we drop the work or effort into these like coals.

As I said at the start again, your list building needs to be part of your long-term strategy because your conversion rate for sales is higher on your list than in almost any other location.

It’s also that direct access to your entire audience and an excellent place to grow relationships and as I always say… relationships matter!


Here’s the thing with any business training or strategy.

It’s 10% strategy (the info I’ve just told you all about) and 90% mindset.

So right now you may feel a mixture of a few things. Excited you are anxious, a little nervous and feeling a little stretched.

I come with a word of advice here, IF you really want to be an online entrepreneur, you are going to have to get outside your comfort zone, you are going to have to put yourself in the face of what fears most people on a day to day basis. This is the face of rejection love.

When I work with my clients, we use the 10x Principal. If something scares the bejeezus out of you, then do it 10 times.

It’s like jumping off a pier, talking on stage, going for a job interview, your first day on the new job and all the rest of those nerve-wracking experiences. Before you do it, you’re pooing your dacks, then the second time, a little less… the third so on. Until you walk into that office, or onto that stage, or to the edge of that rock on the 10th time and wave to everyone as you walk past, start your speech without even looking at your cue cards, or do a backward somersault right into the water.

Nothing. But. A. Thang.

And here’s some arse-kickery for you. You know that you are going to have to get outside your comfort zone.

However the Inner Critic within you keeps saying… don’t do that yet. Don’t do the hard stuff yet, you don’t have to, you are tooooo busy getting all this other stuff done. Wait. Wait. Put yourself outside your comfort zone ONCE you have done those three things. This look something like. #1: When THAT thing is perfect. When I have just done these other 6 steps that don’t take me out of my comfort zone (or move me forward in any particular way btw).

You see, it’s easier to be a blogger than to be a profitable blogger. One writes and the other writes and markets and sells.

Selling is putting yourself in the front of rejection on a daily basis (because you do have to sell in one way or another on a daily basis if you want to make it work).

There is a psychological reaction we face when we place ourselves in front of rejection, that if we do get a NO then we will die. Now you and I are smart enough to know logically that if someone says no to us we are not actually going to die, but it doesn’t often stop that Inner Critic and that deep-seeded psychological anxiety.

So I am going to tell you unequivocally that if you decide you want to be someone who blogs for profit, it is better for you to do the stuff that makes you anxious early. Mark Zuckerberg said, fail fast, fail often and this is you okay.

I’m talking so deeply on this particular point on the ‘How to grow 100 subscribers’ topic because I know from my coaching that if you are going to find struggle anywhere in this, it’s here. Close to home. And it’s ALL mindset.

If you can’t bring yourself to take this step, then I advise that you write for you, put a business plan on hold and go out and read books like ‘Stumbling On Happiness by Daniel Gilbert, or The Motivation Manifesto by Brendan Burchard, or the 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven Covey or Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill and The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown (for a start). All of these books are linked up in your FREE resource guide and workbook above. 

And this goes for everything else. No-one else is going to keep asking people to get on your list but you.

You must be inspired and hungry. You have to feed your mind, you have to make the choice to go there yourself.

You need to be clear about what you’re doing. You might be blocked in putting yourself out ‘there’ in the public eye, if this is the case, you’ve got three options and only two of them are on the healthy side, one more so than the other.

Option one is to keep allowing anxiety and your Inner Critic to control your mindset, so you don’t put yourself out there, never ask for the subscribers, never ask for the sale, never jump out on that bendy limb and learn to balance and then get burned out and allow the Inner Critic to tell you ‘it wasn’t your fault’.

Option Two is to quit being a solo entrepreneur and simply get a job working for someone else, even one you love and do this, and believe me, thee is nothing wrong with that and it can suit some people better.

Option Three is that if you’re blocked in putting yourself forward is making the conscious choice to admit that success here is YOUR responsibility only and an inside job. It’s being WILLING to change and grow. If you’re blocked in putting yourself forward You must crack a book, audio, seminar, course, podcast, video… Anything… Designed to help you unlock the block. But hear me, you STILL have to take yourself willingly and open into THIS. That’s still YOU!

Entrepreneurship is self-serve.

Entrepreneurs are self-propelled. It all comes down to you.



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