How To Maximise Your Blog Traffic From Facebook

How To Maximise Your Blog Traffic From Facebook

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I’m here to share 5 ‘sure-fire tips’ to help you engage with your target audience and get higher quality traffic to your blog from Facebook .

We know Facebook is such an incredible tool for bloggers.

Facebook helps us grow an audience, gives us a platform to share content, and allows us to share the message of our brand. Remembering, our brand is not our logo, or colour palette, our brand is who we or our company really is, what we stand for and what other people think of or talk about in regards to us or our company.

Our brand is what others immediately think of when someone else mentions us or our company! 

Then of course, Facebook has cat memes and Humans of New York. So what else is there really? 

However, there is really only a very small percentage of bloggers who maximising their blog traffic using Facebook, (and shouldn’t this be the other way around?)

The majority of time bloggers spend on Facebook is unfortunately not growing their business, (even though they feel like they’re spending an age on the platform… see previous point about Humans of New York and Cat Memes).

Would you consider yourself a ‘maximiser’ or a ‘where-did-my-last-3-hours-go-HONY-cat-meme’er’?’

If it’s the latter then you’re in the right place reading this post. It’s time to re-address your Facebook approach, pull your big-girl undies on and get your teeth into it.

How to maximise your blog traffic from Facebook. 5 sure-fire tips to help you engage with your target audience and get higher quality traffic to your blog.

How to maximise your blog traffic from Facebook. 5 sure-fire tips to help you engage with your target audience and get higher quality traffic to your blog. Pin me!

Facebook, a unicorn for profit. 

Most of us started using Facebook for personal purposes and so when we decided to launch a business or a Facebook page, we didn’t immediately appreciate the value the platform has as a business tool.

So, how’s this for incredible statistics:

At last count Facebook has 1.09 billion daily active users and1.65 billion monthly active users.


Facebook has 1.09 billion daily active users and 1.65 billion monthly active users.

This unparalleled reach makes Facebook a tool which brings an incredibly high value to the regular joe-or-josephine blogger like you and I.

Where else can we reach people of all demographics and with all interests right across the globe at the same time in the same scale?

The value of Facebook to someone who wants to go from Blog to Profit (like you) is two-fold. 

You can gain and leverage Target Audience Insights, (learning who your reader really is and then using this data to tailor content to them that they love and respond to!), which helps you sell more of whatever that thing is you’ve been building or creating.

And, of course, Facebook can be leveraged as a key traffic generator. 

Facebook as a Traffic Generator

I remember not too long ago, I was a little tired of people on Facebook bombarding me with status updates I really didn’t give a hoot about. When their toddler pooped, how pissed off they were at ‘something’ ambiguous, why they just LOVED their tropical vacation that we weren’t on and so on. 😉

Now though, we’re seeing a shift from status updates to content repurposing. We see what our friends have liked and what they’ve shared. And a lot of what we see we also ‘like’ and also share.

Videos, images, blog posts, news articles and so on. For whomever creates this shareable and likeable content, it’s a veritable gold mine of traffic generation to their blogs or websites.

At the time of posting this article it was only last week Facebook recognised that the most viral post of ALL TIME was shared.

THIS. ‘Candace Payne, aka Chewbacca Mom’. 

Did YOU see it?

Who didn’t?

This video drove Smart Company to write ‘why Facebook Live is one more nail in the coffin for social media‘.

So, suffice to say, there’s gold in them thar’ Facebook hills.

As a person who wants to go from ‘Blog to Profit’, I know you know you should be leveraging Facebook as a traffic driving tool for your blog, but have you given considerable thought yet to exactly how you’re going to do that?

Today I’m going to share 5 ‘Sure-Fire’ Tips To Maximise Your Facebook Traffic Strategy.

5 ‘Sure-Fire’ Tips To Maximise Your Facebook Traffic Strategy

1. Utilise Facebook Advertising and Targeting Features

You can start advertising on Facebook for as little as $1 a day or less. (And I know that some of you are thinking ‘but I don’t even have that’, so if this is you, please watch my ROI class video here, which won’t take but 3 mins of your time, then reassess)

If you can afford to spend that $1 per day, on advertising your business, Facebook is a great place to start. 

There are multiple ways of advertising through Facebook though, so do make sure you make conscious decisions about the outcome you are going to invest in achieving. 

For instance there are many goals you can choose from before you begin to advertise with Facebook, such as clicks to website, page post engagement, website conversions, local awareness, event responses, video views and more.

So choosing the right goal is important. Most bloggers I’ve worked with immediately shout out ‘page likes’ when I ask them what they’re looking for, but really… in the end, if you’re selling something from your website, then page likes might not help you reach your goal.

As someone asked the great question of me yesterday… But why?

Well, how many pages have you EVER ‘liked’ on Facebook?

And how many of those pages posts do you see on a daily basis?

Not a lot hey? Aaaahhhhh.

When you get your peeps back to your website, not only do you have them right where you have that message or sales page about that thing you are selling right now but of course are asking them to share their email address with you there too… (pray tell me you have a subscribe bar and call to action on your site?).

And if you haven’t broken my online-blog-top-profit-heart by not having a call to action for subscribers on your blog, you will know that this means that as soon as they give you their email address you can effectively communicate with them on a regular basis until ( if they haven’t already) they are ready to buy from you.

Look, you can choose other objectives for times it suits you and the post you’re sharing, without a doubt this is not a ‘one brush paints all’ scenario.

You just have to choose which one suits your short term strategy or longterm business goals today.

2. Make what you’re sharing ‘shareable’.

If you continue to make content that no-one really cares about or wants to share, then Facebook can’t help you get traffic.

Quality content is where it all starts. If you create smart content that plays to your readers wants, needs, desires or pains, then you will generate more reach on Facebook. 

Something to remember here is that you are typically not your target audience, so when you’re creating content, create it for the customer, not for your own use. Some of my most shared and liked posts for my health business ‘The Whole Daily’ are ones that teach the readers something small about health and wellbeing that I might at times discount thinking ‘they know this’, forgetting that most of my audience are screaming out for simple tips.

The most shared pieces of content on Facebook across the platform are how-to’s, reviews, personal stories, lists, videos, and then posts that seem mind-boggling. 

Also, If you pay attention to the types of content that are going viral in your specific industry, then you will be able to get a good idea of what may work for you too. 

3. Serve to Deserve.

While getting a little bit of extra bang for your (literal) buck, is certainly an option using advertising, you don’t have to spend money on Facebook to get the benefits of it as a traffic driver.

Yes, I know that the ‘algorithm’ seems to be hampering reach at present. However the algorithm in itself is not the reason you aren’t succeeding to get traffic from Facebook to your blog.

How well attuned you are to what your audience wants to see is going to play a big part in this too!

It does take a little conscious effort on your part to understand what is going to be of value for your audience and what isn’t. And quite frankly, if you’re not willing to consider this when it comes to leveraging a platform like Facebook for business, then perhaps you should get out of the business.

Consider ‘serving’ before ‘deserving’. 

If you’re only sharing direct link-backs to your site – like 4 blog posts a day – with calls to action such as ‘come take a look’, ‘see what I made’, ‘click this way to my sales page’, then you’re viewing your business from an entirely insular and self-centered perspective.

Use the 70-20-10 Facebook Posting Rule. 70 percent of the content you post should be relevant ideas that are curated from other places or that serve the audience where their pain or problem lays, 20 percent of the content should be sharing other’s ideas and posts, and only 10 percent should be promotional in nature.

And remember that your own blog posts are promotional – or they should be – because within the posts themselves, or on your blog pages, you’re going to be asking your reader to consider handing their email address into your newsletter list. 

I can personally reflect on the fact that the more that I have supported others around me by sharing their posts or messages on my Facebook page, the more value has come back to me.

If you’re spiritual, you could call it manifesting, or karmic. If you’re not, let’s just call it ‘quid pro quo’.

Either way, it works. 

Another way of serving is to share your content on Facebook and not expect or ask the traffic to go back to your blog, which can account for the 70% portion.  Post an entire piece of native content on Facebook and don’t cut it in half or direct the reader back to your blog for the rest. You’re serving but not ‘expecting’.

Here’s an example below I have placed on Facebook for my health company ‘The Whole Daily‘ recently. A picture of a completed meal, with the entire recipe in the post. Native to Facebook and no links-back.

I'm giving my audience info they want, in its entirety, in a native post on Facebook and 'not' asking them for something in return.

I’m giving my audience info they want, in its entirety, in a native post on Facebook and ‘not’ asking them for something in return.

4. First Impressions Count

Did you know that with the extreme flux of information we have coming and going from our heads on a daily basis (much driven by social and digital worlds) that we now digest information in an entirely different manner than we used to?

We skim content, only pausing for attention grabbing information. We do an instant assessment of any content our eyes pass and then move on if we do not deem it ‘interesting enough’ to stop, even for a second.

I often talk about social posting being somewhat similar to throwing an orange into a waterfall. You see the colour bob up in the whitewash a couple of times, and then it disappears for good.

So we have to figure out how to put a brightly coloured flag on that content and make it float.

This is why the headline and the images you use to share your posts are so important. Your audience members will use both of these to form an instantaneous decision on the value of clicking open your post.

It doesn’t matter if the content within the post is the best you have ever created if the headline or image isn’t strong, as Facebook only delivers the picture and the headline loudly, so this is your key opportunity for engagement. 

Headlines can make or break a post on Facebook and my favourite free content tool to direct people to is Copybloggers ‘How To Write Magnetic Headlines’.

Copyblogger say ‘On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece.’ 

And ‘Your headline is the first, and perhaps only, impression you make on a prospective reader. Without a compelling promise that turns a browser into a reader, the rest of your words may as well not even exist. So, from a copywriting and content marketing standpoint, writing great headlines is a critical skill.’

Now you have to get your image game going strong. Research shows that Facebook posts with images get roughly 120 percent more engagement than posts with no images.

Make sure the images are clear and that you are following appropriate copyright laws. use free images from sites like or or use stock sites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock, remembering to keep your images consistent with the story of your brand.

5. Tell the world about your posts via video

The world is now and that now is best shared in video.

Or at least, that’s what the Facebook stats are telling us. In January 2016 Techcrunch shared that ‘Facebook Hits 100M Hours Of Video Watched A Day, 1B Users On Groups, 80M On Fb Lite‘.

This is incredible and has grown exponentially since then.

For bloggers, adding video to their Facebook posts when they release content can be an excellent way of getting engagement with people who might not have ‘clicked’ otherwise.

I know that you may be nervous about being seen in videos, however this is an opportunity for you to serve people.

Let’s look at it this way (this helps my clients when I’m working with them): If you are super nervous and anxious about posting a video to your Facebook business page, you are sitting in a place of ‘ME’ (or self) however when you can connect with the fact that not sharing your message with the people who need to hear it most is doing them a disservice, then you begin to connect to a place of ‘serve’ or ‘customer/audience/problem solver’.

It’s a simple mind-flick, but one that can be incredibly powerful.

One thing I have seen bloggers do really well is to share a short video ‘recap’ of their blog posts, so you can get the message across without your audience having to click back through to your blog (and even place some kind of ‘call to action’ in there if it makes sense).

It is also clear to me that the people who are out there sharing videos of themselves being ‘unapologetically them’ or rather, dressed as they usually dress, with as little or as much make-up on as they would usually have on, and using the vernacular and ‘voice’ that they would when talking to their closest friends is allowing them to connect with more people more easily. They have an audience who can see and hear them and who can engage with them and think ‘me too’. This can be incredibly powerful.

Sharing between 30 and 60 seconds is all it takes to increase engagement, increase connection, grow your relationships, and maximise your Facebook opportunity.

In practice

I want to make it clear that simply spending hours a day on Facebook scrolling the feed again and again is not going to grow your business as much as spending an allocated amount of time working on an actual strategy would.

Most clients I speak to believe that they are time-poor and can’t fit enough business strategy into their day, when really they are actually wasting a lot of time on social platforms, just like Facebook, doing ‘stuff’ that has nothing to do with actually building their business.

Using Facebook for business is a total no-brainer. Nearly everyone you want to reach is already on it.

However, just as with any social media platform, there are going to be times you need to step outside your comfort zone to gain the best results from your time and effort.

 If you work smart on this social platform, in time, you will see the return in your business. 


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