My first job was selling ‘periods’.

My first job was selling ‘periods’.

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This week, it’s all about me being interviewed. Tres’ unusual.

I sat down and did a Skype interview from a ‘shipping crate’ house on the Clarence River last week with Anna Johnson-Hill. I was so happy to share this love as Anna has been a supporter and now student and client of mine for some time, and boy did she have some great questions for me.

Usually I’m the one doing the asking, so it was nice to have a chance to be the interviewee. I was expecting a lot of business related questions, however Anna did what I tend to do and focused on the areas that are perhaps not strategically business focused, but that have an incredible impact on the way I profit from my blogs. Come listen.

p.s note that both Holly and Ruby interrupted this interview at different times, so any upset to the flow or behind the scenes you cannot ‘see’ is because the little ones wanted in on the interview action!

Here’s a note from Anna Johnson-Hill before we start.

“I became a member of Alice’s Blog To Profit Course this year. Since then, I’ve released my FIRST TWO digital products ever –Mindset Meditations With Anna and the Get Shit Done eCourse (to be re-launched 1 August) – with the step-by-step guidance from the course. That’s going to make a big difference this financial year.”

I talk about:

  • My corporate experience and what this has brought to my current business
  • Why I’m launching Blog to Profit from a shed and why this is possible AND so incredible
  • What my very first business idea was and what I sold when I was six years old (trust me, you would be mortified to sell what I sold back then now!)
  • What the daily rituals in my life are that so greatly affect my strategic business and how I create success + profit from my businesses and why what some people tell you about these rituals is bullshit
  • How I view philanthropy and what myself and my daughters invest our philanthropic efforts into.
  • + Why you don’t have to give money to charities to change the world
  • Why I created Blog To Profit + what Blog To Profit includes
  • (Interruptions from both of my daughters)

Make sure you check out Anna’s website too for some sweet life and business gems. Or find her on social at Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.


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