Is it ever a good idea to start two businesses at a time?

Is it ever a good idea to start two businesses at a time?

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‘Do as I say, not as I do’. (but Alice, what does that even mean?)

Some of you want to know what this means, so this may clear a few things up.

Hi all,
I had a Facebook message yesterday from a webinar listener and long-time post reader who had heard me say the words ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ twice before in reference to having two separate businesses. and The Whole Daily.

She wanted to understand WHY if I was recommending you NOT have two businesses, I wasn’t listening to my own advice, as part of the ‘walking the talk’ philosophy.

Excellent point right?

I realised that I often say this ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ but I have never put context or colour around what this looks like to me and to you.

This information I am about to share is not in defence of me, it is so that you may look at your own path more clearly.

So here goes:
When I started The Whole Daily, I solely ran this blog for over two years. In that time I launched 2 eBooks and the same eCourse FIVE times.

Is it ever a good idea to start two businesses at a time?

Is it ever a good idea to start two businesses at a time? Pin me!

I spoke at conferences Australia wide and worked incredibly long hours educating myself, putting hard work, focus, grit and determination (solid growth mindset) into making a profit from the blog.

Before I wrote this post, I went back and ran reports on my revenue + stats. Remember, this is BEFORE was created, these figures come ONLY off my health and wellbeing blog.

Before was created I had:
Earned $168k revenue from eCourses
Earned $56k from a physical product
Earned $36k from Affiliate relationships
Earned $12,600 from sponsored posts
+ more bits and bobs from workshops, events etc.

A newsletter list of 12,320 subscribers
Social media of +32,000 followers
Unique page views over 40k per month
Page-views over 100k per month

A solid understanding of what was working and not working for me in making a profit from a blog.

Remember… ALL of those figures above come BEFORE I (coaching you how to go from blog to profit).

So while I am not the most profitable blogger in history, I was earning a full-time income from blogging.

I know that this information above will already help some understand the difference between a relatively new blogger starting out diffusing their focus across two websites/blogs/businesses/business ideas etc and what I have done.

What some of you may not know (but I have spoken about in podcasts before I will link up to below) is that, I am currently not blogging regularly on The Whole Daily.

I am studying a subject (nutrition+naturopathy+biomedical sciences) that I find difficult at times and am running my blog to profit coaching business through

I have found that I need to take my mind from the nutrition books to the strategic thinking of my blog to profit coaching as a form of relaxation from my study.

BUT…. even though I am NOT blogging regularly through The Whole Daily, I have set up systems (see podcast links below) that help me generate consistent income from that website. These systems work when I am not working on the blog.

So when I say ‘Do as I say, Not as I Do’ it is because I am trying to reach YOU, lovely, passionate, and inspired blogger, where YOU are. Which for the most part is at the beginning of your path. Where you have not made an income from your blog just yet. Where the only thing that having two blogs or two businesses will do will be to lead you to burn-out faster.

You can’t focus 100% of your entrepreneurial time on two businesses. You have to split it right? So if you’re just STARTING out with a 50% focus on each separate business, then your chance of achieving the greatest success through it is greatly diminished.

When I say ‘Do as I say, not as I do’, I am dragging out advice from what I have personally seen, heard, and experienced through coaching others who have struggled because of their own shiny things syndrome, and who have tried to spread their expertise across multiple niches to spread their risk, but who have instead, simply spread the amount of ventures that ‘didn’t work’ to multiples of one.

You are incredibly talented, passionate, kind, generous and smart. Your potential is unlimited. Your opportunity is limitless.

Don’t be afraid to focus on ONE THING until that ONE THING is successful.

In fact, that’s the best opportunity you have.
In health and wealth, and with love.
Alice. XX

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