The Blog to Profit Show Ep #5 – Failure Isn’t Durable

The Blog to Profit Show Ep #5 – Failure Isn’t Durable

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This is episode #5 of The Blog To Profit Show. The Methods and Mindset to Make Money Online, Smarter.

I’m Alice Nicholls, from The Whole Daily and and today I am here to share a podcast episode with you about failure.

My goal is that at the end of this episode you’re inspired through your mistakes and your falls to keep going and continue to bring your value to the table, and I’ve got a couple of personal stories I hope will take you there.

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Here’s the video I promise you in this podcast. Imagine if this dude had of given up after he stacked it for the first time!

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(and imagine how he felt when he stuck it!!! I bet that ONE time he aced it it would have felt better than the 100 times he didn’t. You think?)

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Addendum to podcast and transcript: I said my sister had received a Bach. of Professional Writing and Editing. This was wrong. She has a Bachelor of arts with a major in history and writing and a Grad dip ed.  

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9 Responses to "The Blog to Profit Show Ep #5 – Failure Isn’t Durable"
  1. Nadia says:

    Overnight success – perhaps a term that should be deleted from our vernacular?!

    Years of personal and professional development, hustling and yes getting up every single time you get knocked down.

    Killer ep lovely x

    • Char says:

      I lireatlly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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