12 Things Every Online Entrepreneur Can Relate To

12 Things Every Online Entrepreneur Can Relate To

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You may have decided to start a blog as a passion project or perhaps you set out to be the next Richard Branson. However you started, there came a time when you changed. 

You’ve turned into an online entrepreneur.

pin me!

pin me!

How many of these can you relate to?

1. Some days you experience every emotion there is… before lunchtime.

You can be down in the dumps one moment and on top of the world another. A negative comment on social can break your day. A single sale can make your day. You have to learn to roll with it.

2. You would prefer to stay at your desk working than go out with your mates. 

Other people may think it’s more fun to go out dancing and drinking with their mates, but you? Work is so much fun. Or so addictive. Whatever the case may be, you can’t put your mouse down. Just one more tweak here…

3. Some other people don’t seem to understand you anymore

With only 5% of the working population loving what they do for a living, your happiness in your new found career passion has now made you seem like a weirdo to some of the people you know.

4. You may have to force yourself to spend time with people IN REAL LIFE.

You now love your work so much you find that all of your conversations occur via email, through the Instagram comments section, Facebook comments and messenger or via Twitter. But real live people?

The more you get entrenched in your own online world, the weirder you think you get in real life. (can you feel it?)

5. You’re finding you need to deal with all your STUFF

Online business highlights and spotlights all of your STUFF. Do you sometimes feel like you’re not good enough? Get angry easy? Feel depressed when things don’t go your way? Want to control everything around you? Now you have to deal with it all, and sometimes on a daily basis.

6. You never get ‘there’

When you work for yourself there is no end to what you can achieve and do on your online business, which means it’s virtually impossible to truly feel you’ve gotten ‘there’. (remember to congratulate your successes along the way)

7. Education becomes awesome again.

Remember in primary school when you wanted to learn about everything? Now you’re back in that seat again, like an excited puppy, trawling the net for the best posts on marketing, sales, social media and lead generation. You’ve stopped reading fiction and have a bedside table piled high with books on business. You now recommend professional development podcasts instead of music.

8. You turn everyday conversations and events into posts and marketing content. 

Just like comedians get in trouble for turning their mates and family into comedic fodder, you may also experience the wrath of a loved one for sharing details of things that occur in your life as a form of marketing ‘story-telling’. You find yourself weaving blog posts in your head while conversing with friends or watching what’s happening in the world around you.

9. Every-time you start to talk about your online business your whole face becomes like a giant beacon of excitement. 

This will sometimes freak people out.

10. You want everyone to start their own online business

Your mum likes essential oils? She needs to start her own business. Your sister is a teacher? She should take that sh*t online. Your husband likes riding his bike? Well he better create a community for cyclists to buy and sell their goods.

11. Holidays now involve work (and you couldn’t be happier)

There is no more inspiring place to whack the laptop out than a fancy resort with a cool drink next to you. Travel and work can now occur simultaneously. You won’t stay anywhere that doesn’t have strong wifi. You’re chomping at the bit to just get there so you can get back to work.

12. You wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Enough said.

What would you add to this list?

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  1. JenQ says:

    This is brilliant, I feel like you’ve written this specifically about me!

  2. Alice,
    I love this list! So, so true. I am much weirder in real life since starting my blog. Thanks for a great, lighthearted post. Bron

  3. anderson kim says:

    Good post ! Speaking of which , if you wants to merge PDF files , my husband discovered a service here https://goo.gl/oKeWs7.

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