Fear And Data In Las Vegas

Fear And Data In Las Vegas

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This is a guest post by Cherie Bobbins 

Ok, so I’m not in Las Vegas and I’m not main-lining acid tabs with Johnny Depp a la the 1998 film Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

Sigh, the man is a fine wine.

So, what has any of that got to do with analytics?

Fear and loathing.

So many women in the blogger-sphere and online entrepreneurs are so fearful of data and analytics, that they utterly loath it because they don’t understand WTF any of it means.

They get so stuck on trying to make decisions that will have little bearing on achieving their blog and business goals, that it adversely affects their ability to leverage paid opportunities and turn a profit.

I see you wasting time trying to decide between fonts and colours! #priorities

Some women are so fearful of making the wrong decision, that they simply do not make one at all and fail to progress in their business the way they wish to.

This is where the ability to read your analytics is paramount. And what is even more important, is setting targets for yourself in your business that are relative to your big bloggy business goals.

Your analytics will tell you exactly what you need to do, saving you from analysis paralysis.

The data you collect from all the online activity your website and socials allows you to take emotion and opinion out of the decision making process. It will also assist you in prioritising the decisions you need to make. 

Much like Sir Mix-A-Lot – the data don’t lie.

Not sure data likes bit butts though – we’d have to check the analytics.

At every step of your business journey you need to remain objective. If you feel you failed at something you need to dig deep, overcome the emotion of it, use your data and figure out why, so that next time you do that something, you can improve your expected outcome.

Get it?

Data = Swift Decisions = More Time/Money for you to kick arse!

Don’t fear the data, the more you look at it as just numbers to use as a tool and leverage, the more comfortable you will get with it.

A simple weekly process around checking your analytics will help you make progress in increasing your business and blog growth. You don’t need to spend long on this but I promise you 15 minutes to a half hour per week max, will help you reach your blog and business expectations.






Depending on your specific goals and objectives, the data you collect may be for your blog, it maybe in your Facebook Insights, third-party analytics for Instagram, or MailChimp or other similar service provider.

The process is thus and you may want to whip up a simple spread sheet:

Collect – Read your data in Google Analytics and or your Social platforms

Report – Take notes of your figures

Analyse – Check it against previous reports and if the numbers are progressing towards your expectations

Tweak – If the numbers aren’t meeting your expectations with what you have been doing, switch it up this week and try a different tactic.

Repeat – Because you’ll never, never know if you never have a go. Wash, rinse repeat, and do this again next week.

You can also run a comparison in the back end of google analytics too, using the little ‘compare to:’ check box in the drop down menu where you select your date range. It whips up a nifty little graph of comparable stats for the date ranges you’ve selected.

Good data is the foundation for making smart business decisions.

And P.S. If you’re still trying to pick a bloody font – just pick one already. Something clear and legible. None of that fancy crap, just get your message out there!

And P.P.S. If you’re still trying to pick a colour – just pick one that you like. It will go a long way to convey your personality and build a connection to your audience, rather than try to pick something that you think they might like.


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