20 Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

20 Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then

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I’ve been spurred on to write this post after I posted the link to the Top 10 Mistakes Made In Online Business.

After writing the list of mistakes down, I realised there are so many other things I now know that I didn’t three years ago when I started blogging that is well worth noting now. I hope you enjoy.

If you had any extras you can think of, I would love for you to share them under the post. 

#1. Making mistakes often and early will be a quicker route to success. If you can push your Ego aside.

#2. You will never know everything about online business so it’s important to prioritise where you invest your time.

#3. Sometimes other people think your ‘weird’ is their ‘breath of fresh air’. Don’t doubt your personality is perfectly you!

#4. If you have two products. Product A and Product B. And Product A is of a lesser quality than Product B, but is marketed better, it will sell more. Investing in your professional development in the marketing arena will change the trajectory of your business for the better (but make sure your quality is good too!).

#5. Try not to waste your time being angry at people who’re upset or angered by you. It will drain you of your energy to serve those who need you most.

#6. Transparency is one of the best things I have bought to my business. Not just to be held accountable personally, but because of the conversations it’s starting with the people around me.

#7. When you can find ‘work’ that you love to do, that allows you to grow personally on a daily basis and that serves the rest of the world. You should not give that up.

#8. You are only as valuable as your word and your integrity. Do not let your word be bought for any sum.

#9. Online business is uncertain (any business is uncertain) and always will be, regardless of what you think is a ‘given’.  Sometimes this will work in your favour… other times, not so much. Be willing to flex. if you aren’t. Get out of business and go and become a mathematician.

#10. Working backwards from the goal that you want to achieve is a better way of getting there than working forwards from today. If you want to sell 100 products in December, you need to know what you have to do working backwards from December to the current date, step-by-step, to get that result. You will see things much clearer that way.

#11. The bigger your voice gets, the bigger the pool of people who disagree with you gets. The web can be like one big rowdy dinner party where too much wine has been drunk. Sometimes It’s best to stay out of the conversation.

#12. If you want your business to be successful (in the truest sense of the word), having a genuine care and interest in the people that you are working with is going to be the clincher.

#13. If you have a plan, you will need to change it. Again and again. If you are too rigid in your plan then you will miss opportunities in life and business.

#14. Becoming a good listener is the best form of education that you will add to your tool-bag. This goes for reading between the lines online and within emails and in social media conversation.

#15. Making more money does not equal being a more successful person.

#16. Surrounding yourself with people who have a growth mindset is going to be one of the fastest ways to learn new skills and be inspired. Surrounding yourself with people with a fixed mindset is the fastest route to feeling afraid and small.

#17. Read fiction. Regularly. Create art when it grabs you. It will help to bring your brain back to balance and make you more adapt to flow with your business.

#18. Do not listen to the people who tell you it cannot be done. They do not know you. And until you’ve tried, you don’t even know what you’re capable of yet.

#19. Being receptive to feedback will help you create the most valuable product or service for your audience. Do not argue with feedback. If it is coming from another person it is their truth and so it is THE truth. Do what you need to with each piece of feedback. (sometimes this will involve ignoring it).

#20. Stay hungry, have fun, break things, let other people break your things, find what you love, never stop doing it until you don’t love it anymore.

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8 Responses to "20 Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then"
  1. AMAZING list, Alice! Thanks for sharing!!!! I LOVED “#12. If you want your business to be successful (in the truest sense of the word), having a genuine care and interest in the people that you are working with is going to be the clincher.” If you’re not invested in your clients, then it’s tricky for them to be invested in you and your products too. Also really loved #18 – self care and self belief is so important in business and life and I love awesome reminders like this 🙂 Thanks again!!

    • Big-Time Blogger says:

      You rock! Thanks so much for commenting. I love looking back and really… do I wish I knew then? Maybe not… 😉 Everything I’ve learned now has taught me anyway. Glad to have you here! 🙂

  2. Selina says:

    #8 – amazing! 100% agree with this and good to keep in mind in day to day.
    Couldn’t agree more with #17 too – read fiction regularly. I even have a whole site dedicated to it 🙂

    • Big-Time Blogger says:

      YES! Give me a book recommendation? I’m into The Goldfinch at the moment (great!) and have just finished The Fraction of A Whole. AH-MAZING! Thanks for commenting Selina.

    • Champ says:

      Ik kan je filmpje ook niet zien Lianne. Carla, was dit nu je eigen reactie of postte jij die van Lianne nog een keer, want de jouwe kan ik wel zi2e3#8n&0;

  3. Selina says:

    I actually have a blog post about my all time fave page turners, http://www.atnumber11.com/2015/03/books-to-make-you-fall-back-in-3-with-reading-my-guest-post/
    Apart from any of those (all amazing reads in my opinion!), based on what you’ve read I would recommend
    – All the light we cannot see -Anthony Doerr
    – Life after life- Kate Atkinson
    -The Secret history- Donna Tartt (i haven’t read it yet, but heard good things, and if you’re enjoying Goldfinch you’d probably love it!)


  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Alice, commenting to you from CRAZY Vegas —- I LOVE this list!! Number 20 is my favourite – very similar to the quote “do what you love – love what you do”!! We only have one life, so let’s make it our best!
    PS Can’t wait to get home and smash HBA and LTP 😉

  5. Phoebe says:

    Thanks so much for these tips! I think can apply all of them! xx

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