6 Key Reasons Defining Your Niche Will Help Your Blog to Profit

6 Key Reasons Defining Your Niche Will Help Your Blog to Profit

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One of the most common concerns I hear from those who want to profit from their blog is about the subject of owning a ‘niche’.

‘I can’t choose one’, ‘I have more than one niche’, ‘Do I really need a niche?’.

Because I blog about creating a profit from your blog, I am focusing today on the benefits that finding a target niche will bring to your ability to create profit from your blog.

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Here are 6 key reasons that defining your niche will help your blog profit.

1. Your target audience can find you more easily.

When you have a depth of content relating to a specific niche or subject, this creates positive SEO (search engine optimisation) across the web so your content is likely to come up higher in search results when your target audience are searching for the information you’re providing.

2. You create a space of thought-leadership which = trust

When you develop your expertise in a specific niche, you become a specialist. This adds to your thought-leadership in your industry and helps you to develop trust with your audience. Trust equals strong referrals and more sales for your business.

3. Research + network more effectively

To be able to solve the problem that the target audience in your specific niche has, you are going to have to do a lot of research. When you know what your niche is, say for example, ‘mothers of premature babies’, you are going to find it easier to ask the right questions, find the right groups to be communicating and networking in and build solid knowledge of where the gaps are that need to be filled, what works, what doesn’t and who your ideal customer is.

It’s the difference between ‘I hope this thing that I have slaved over for 1 year and paid thousands to create is what they want’ and ‘I know my market is desperate for help in this area and I have the perfect solution for them’.

4. Marketing becomes easier

Can you imagine how hard it would be to try to sell everything to everybody all of the time? How do you go about this if you don’t know exactly who you’re marketing to? What are they interested in? Where do they hang out? What matters to them and why should they even care about you and your work?

It will be incredibly hard to market to a group of people if you’re not specific about the message that you have. If you are simply marketing to women then you’ve got 50% of the population to sell to. Yet, think about how vastly different women are from each other depending on age, cultural background, interests, location, family environment.

How do you create a personal connection within your marketing when your scope is so broad. You will spend much more money and time on marketing if you can’t define your own niche because you will need to fling a lot of sh*t at walls and hope it sticks to some of them to turn a profit. Your ROI will also increase for every dollar you spend on marketing if you can clearly define your niche and therefore your target audience.

When you have a clearly defined niche it gives you a clearly defined target audience and a clearly defined marketing message.

5. You can be the solution to a clearly defined pain or problem

Once you have a clearly defined niche, you are able to find a clearly defined set of problems or a problem that you can offer the solution to. I don’t need to be Richard Branson to tell you that if you can understand fully and then solve a a niche market’s pain your Blog to Profit journey is not only going to be much easier, but you are going to experience a more successful business in the longterm too.

5. It makes content creation easier

Content creation stress hits nearly every profit oriented blogger. Having a clearly defined niche market gives you a much better chance of coming up with content that reaches your target audience exactly where they are.

The expertise you build within this space, the knowledge that you will gain around their pain or problem and your own clearly defined value-add will help your content flow in the direction it needs to… sending your prospective clients into your sales or communication funnel.

You have your niche, you break it down into sub-categories, break it down again and then create content from every angle which drives your target audience back to the products or services you are selling (or a list that you will use to market to).

6. Referrals come sweeter

One of the best parts of being good at what you do in your target niche is that other people are going to want to refer you to their friends or people they know. If they don’t know your target niche this makes it difficult, but when you yourself are able to be clearly defined about where you work and why, then other people are much more confident sharing your message too.

Bonus tips!

Watch out for the influence of others and being distracted by bright shiny things when it comes your niche. I see people fall into the trap of looking at what their competitor is doing or someone in an entirely different industry and slowly losing their niche edge over time as their message gets diluted.

Also, have patience. I also see bloggers choose a niche and invest only a few months into that niche before they feel it ‘isn’t working’ and so they change it and do this all over again. Your online business and your Blog to Profit strategy is a 12-36 month process. It’s not going to be easy and you’re going to have to work it.



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