This is what can happen when you surround yourself with a scarcity mindset

This is what can happen when you surround yourself with a scarcity mindset

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I grew up in a low-socioeconomic country community. My own parents were both on minimum wage, one on a disability pension and the other in a lowest salary local council role.

I remember in year 7 when we got the information notice for our first ‘away from school camp’ to QLD and all of the theme parks. I remember how excited all of my class mates were.

I couldn’t go because we couldn’t afford it.

I remember lying and saying I couldn’t go because we were going on an even better holiday on our own.

I also remember the time when, travelling back from a long trip with my dad on a bus, we ran out of money about 1000kms from home. With his last $2, my dad bought some white bread rolls from a bakery in a town the bus had stopped in and asked the shop assistants to butter the rolls for us.

I’m pretty sure, looking back, that he went without.

I am who I am today because of experiences like this, but it could have gone either way and for much of my late teens to early adulthood I had an idea that ‘rich people’ never worked for anything themselves, or that it was somehow a benefit they had dropped in their laps form birth and so therefore would never be afforded to me (no pun intended).

As I had witnessed both of my parents live in the zone of scarcity I thought that as their daughter, I was also destined to never be part of the other side.

I was taught by the world I witnessed around me that I was a ‘have-not’, and I played in that zone of scarcity for much of my life.

Within society today this story isn’t uncommon and is why there is a perpetual cycle of poverty, drug abuse and playing small within some families and communities. It can go on for centuries.

I know this because I lived it and believe I am qualified to share that I have now been on both sides of the coin.

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There came a time in my twenties when I realised that I could achieve any ‘status’ that I had a desire to achieve IF I put a lot of hard work and hustle into it.

I worked my way into a ‘successful’ career, that is in a world where success is measured by overseas travel and money.

But even then, I wasn’t fulfilled. I still didn’t have that freedom that I had equated with cash as a kid. I didn’t feel like the ‘riches’ had turned me into a ‘have’s’ from the ‘have-not’ I had felt I was as a child.

I wasn’t suddenly finally free from an oppressive physically poor state. I realised that it was instead a poor ‘state of mind’ that I was experiencing. And money doesn’t change that.

It’s hard to get that sense of freedom when you have to put a form in to ask a Manager to take some of your allocated 20 days off per annum. It’s hard to feel free when you need to ask nervously for a day or more off to take care of sick children even though you’re perfectly capable of work.

It’s also hard to feel free when you surround yourself with other people who are also believing like this structured way of work and existence and richness is also the ‘norm’ and is indeed successful.

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But this doesn’t have to be what success looks like, and I found that success came to me in the form of true fulfillment when I was doing work that I loved and was doing it on my terms.

Today, we ALL have unlimited opportunity to create a life that we desire and my experience in sales for 10 years and in online business has taught me that creating a profitable online business is without a doubt the best way to scale your knowledge and share it with the world while supporting yourself financially at the same time.

For you to be reading this today tells me that you have all of the tools right now that you need to build a life out of something that you love, as I have with mine.

Our potential has always been and always will be unlimited. YOUR potential is unlimited. Instead of being concerned, or worrying or placing the power of your own fulfillment and happiness into the hands of others, perhaps it is time to take ownership of your life and your career and turn the word ‘work’ into a positive adjective.

Only 5% of the population love what they do for a career, and being that our mortality rate is sitting pretty at 100%, this scares me for those of us miserable or wanting more in our current careers.

In the last few years, I have turned a blog into a profitable online business averaging $20k months in 2015. I get to work with people I love on a daily basis and I can’t express how good it feels to want to do the ‘work’ that I do.

And you know where I started? Where every person does; with zero subscribers and zero readers.

I thought that I couldn’t be a ‘have’s’. But I became one.
Then I thought I wouldn’t be able to create the freedom I thought being a ‘have’ entailed but didn’t, and so I went out and created that freedom.

I want to be able to coach you through your own experiences, unleashing your unlimited potential and creating opportunity for yourself.

Because no-one ever became poor from giving.

My experience and the opportunity I created for myself has allowed me to invest in creating free training for you. And today I share my first free training videos with you.

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My goal is simple. To support you to go from Blog to Profit.

I will not rest until there are more women out there who join that 5% of the working population who love what they do, and that together we flip that number on it’s head.

These training videos I have created for you are 20 minutes each and today I share the first with you and the world.

My goal with these videos is that you get value from them each individually and that you take knowledge, strategies and information from them and implement this into your own Blogs so that you can be closer to profit, regardless of if we work together in the future or not.

This is why I will share so much game-changing information with you and why I offer you more lengthy videos for free. I want this video training series to be your call to action, or your kick-start to taking your Blog to Profit. Faster.

If you want to be notified first of my additional training videos then please add your email address to the page the video is on. If you love this video and get value from it, please share it with your own people, or friends, or colleagues, or partners.

I want the world for you.

Remember this, you have unlimited potential in a world of unlimited opportunity.

In health and wealth,
And thanks for reading my most lengthy post to you ever.

// Your free video training series starts today

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