One sure-fire way to fail in online business

One sure-fire way to fail in online business

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We moved into a house in Bayside Melbourne nearly five years ago.

While walking one night on a street near our new house I discovered a type of eucalyptus I had never seen before.

pin me. I'm a great quote!

pin me. I’m a great quote!

It was gnarled and stumpy, almost like a large bush. The leaves didn’t droop down, instead they were like large silver plates that stuck straight out from the branches, not on spindly shoots as we’re used to seeing on gums. When the season hit, the red flower opened from a gumnut the size of a tea-cup saucer and also sticking directly out from the branch.

I wanted one of these trees for my own garden.

I collected one gumnut from the eucalyptus that first year and tried to dry it on my window ledge but it never opened as I’d taken it when it was too green.

This year – five years later – I had a different strategy. I went back to the tree each week that it flowered and collected gumnuts at all stages of growth and flowering.

I placed them all on the window ledge and allowed the sun to continue drying them off during the day. Finally, one opened up and I was able to shake what seemed like hundreds of seeds out of the center.

I dried the seeds further. Then, I planted seeds in four different ways.

My first method was to plant them in a paper container, moisten the soil and leave them on the window ledge inside the house for maximum sun and warmth, I even put the glass from an old picture frame over the top of the container to make a mini glasshouse inside.

The next method I used was to sow some seeds outside in a tray with a thin layer of sand over the top so the seed wouldn’t fly away.

Thirdly, I boiled water and soaked some more seeds for 30 seconds before transferring them to a tray of potting mix.

The fourth method I used was to put some seeds into a paper bag and create a fire around it, mimicking the way a bush fire germinates native seeds to create new life.

The last seeds I kept in a bag in my pantry for another time.

Three weeks later…

I have a tiny little shoot coming out of soil from the seeds in method three.

But, what if the only seeds I planted were in my mini glasshouse by the window? What if the only seeds I planted were the the ones that I burned in a paper bag? What if I had simply panted all of my seeds straight into my trays and put them outside?

My efforts to grow this tree would have seemingly failed.

If you fail 7 of 10 times you’re one of the greatest players in the history of the game. – Sam Kass


pin me please. I’m a great quote.

I received an email today from a women who is about to quit blogging and give up her dream of creating an online business for herself.

Not only had she worked herself to the bone to write her many blog posts, she also created an online product to launch.

What happened, in her eyes, was that her launch failed spectacularly.

This isn’t uncommon.

When I meet women in online business, they’re tired, stressed, anxious and frustrated because of the amount of effort they’re putting into creating a profitable blog. At the beginning they’re so invested, yet when something big doesn’t go according to plan it’s enough to dampen their entire dream to create an online business for themselves.

But here’s the thing.

In online business, just as with many areas of our lives, planting one seed you doesn’t mean you’ll grow a tree.

And the one sure-fire way to truly fail in online business is to give-up because one thing doesn’t work.

Most of the time when we give up we cite external factors but that’s rarely (if ever) the reason why things don’t work. It’s because we haven’t tried all of our options or we haven’t learned from our mistakes.

The only reason that I have created success for myself in online business is because I have failed so many times, not despite those failures.

Plan your path and remember that there are many ways to grow a tree.

I'm totally pinnable!

I’m totally pinnable!

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