If you follow this technique, you WILL make more money.

If you follow this technique, you WILL make more money.

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I remember clearly a conversation I had with my sister some time ago when I was trying to persuade her to go to an event with me where the subject of discussion topic was ‘Copywriting for bloggers’.

Okay, perhaps it was more like an argument.

I had my opinion on why she should go with me and I was arguing this point vehemently. If I could just get her to see the value I SAW in the event then she would understand that she was wrong in not wanting to go and we could just plan our night out.

She was explaining she had no interest in the event and I kept at her (how sisters do) until, eventually I stormed off.

Pin me please!

Pin me please!

When I got home, I realised where I had been going wrong.

I had been trying to sell her on something based upon what I cared about, not what she cared about, what type of person she is and where she was psychologically when I met her with my proposition.

You see, she’s not a blogger and she doesn’t write copy (I am). She’s a VCE English teacher and a fiction writer and quite frankly loathes the idea of blogging.

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I thought about this for a moment and did a bit of quick research.

I called her up and said ‘I forgot to tell you that at the event they are going to be lecturing on ‘persuasive writing techniques’ (which is exactly what copywriting is) and that one of the guest speakers was the author of a book which had been shortlisted for the booker prize (true).

And she replied that we should have dinner together before the event and make a night of it.


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Now, the mistake I made of trying to sell her on the value I saw isn’t uncommon. I see this same mistake occur all the time when bloggers want to sell something.

In the world of blogging most people approach audience as if they are the buyer, sharing all of the information with their readers that they think is most important. In the process they miss out on a huge opportunity to increase their profit.

You see, you are not your audience.

When we go to sell something, we can automatically think that what matters to us is what matters to our audience, when really, we are rarely our ‘buyer’.

Our readers really only care about what they care about. If we can put yourself in the shoes of our readers (and I have found there are four types of them) then we can turn them into buyers more easily, making the biggest profit difference in our business and optimising our work.

And this is EXACTLY what I am going to walk you through in my latest 10 minute video.

In this video I’m going to be sharing some GAME-CHANGING information with you on the buying psychology of the people in your audience who’re sitting on the fence.

If you have ever wondered how to get people to buy from you who wouldn’t typically share their money with you then you mustn’t miss this strategy.

I promise you that the simple techniques and actions I share with you in this video will change the way you sell your products and services for good.

This technique may even change the way you approach your personal life too!

// FREE video training on sales psychology released today

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