Need More Time To Blog? Stop Blogging.

Need More Time To Blog? Stop Blogging.

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In this article I am going to share why putting a halt to your hectic blogging schedule and prioritising three simple points of focus may not only free up a huge amount of time for you, but will actually increase your online business profit (and keep you from ending up curled in a ball under your doona hoping all technology would go away!).

+ I also have a FREE download for you if you read on! 

I get the chance to work closely with women who are creating and growing online businesses.

Part of my role, is to help pull the ‘fluff’ out of online business processes that don’t add to profit opportunity and instead, focus on the things that will offer a return on investment and allow women to hit their goals faster.

More and more lately I am getting emails and messages from women who are at the end of their rope and fraying fast. This is an excerpt of an email I received two days ago. (shared with permission):

“I have been spending SO MUCH time creating blog posts and blogging weekly for the last 5 months, and I have only got a handful of subscribers, and 200 Facebook followers. There are a HEAP of [people] that have just started blogging (like a few weeks ago) and they already have a shit load more leads then I do…. I know you said “we all start off like this” but did you really start off like this? Or am I just ridiculously bad at what I am trying to do? I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall… Did you ever go through days like this?”

Do you feel like this too?

I don’t only read and then ‘hear’ these words. I have lived these words and so I know how tough and frustrating this part of the blogging and online business world can be when you want to create something that helps get your financially remunerated also.

Comparison is rife in the online business world and due to the nature of what you see – everything above the surface or screen facing – you don’t see what’s necessarily going on behind the scenes. So comparing yourself to any other person in the online blogging world is going to suck up a lot of the energy you need to focus on the areas of your business that will actually make you a profit.

Trust me honey, scroller through ‘her’ blog and Facebook posts is not going to help your business. 

There are bloggers who blog simply to have an online diary, and then there are those that blog as part of an attempt to create an online business. That’s you right?

There is an assumption that because you have a blog and you want to make money from it, you need to blog MORE.

This is not always true, especially when you are new to the biz and you’re stressed, anxious and fa-reaking out about not being where you think you should be.

Instead, how about…

Stop blogging. 


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Because being a blogger doesn’t necessarily make you money. 


Hear me out.

Someone who clicks your ‘Buy Now’ button puts money in your bank account.

Enough of these people clicking and you have a profit.

The place that most people click ‘Buy Now’ from is your newsletter list (your subscriber list of your LEAD list, whatever you want to call it)

So you want to get as many people on your newsletter list as possible.

To do that… you don’t have to blog more.

You have to market more.

While creating consistently good content in your niche is a great way of increasing your SEO, brand and thought-leadership imprint, if you’re running yourself ragged trying to keep up, then you’re wasting your time. You will hit a brick wall, hate where you’re at and you’ll want to quit.

And I hate to think of you throwing the towel in simply because you failed to focus on the right things in these tough times. 

So throw the maniacally blogging away for a moment and step into the (much more profitable) shoes of a Marketing Manager.

These are the three points of focus for you today (and should be every day in your business).

1. Traffic Generating Activity

2. Lead Generating Activity

3. Profit Generating Activity

Let me give you an example you can swipe if you like.

1. Traffic Generating Activity – I set up my previously created content (posts) to drop onto all of my social media channels daily on Facebook and multiple times daily on Twitter. Take 15-30 minutes per week to set your social calendar up and work on it if you have extra time. Don’t worry about people cracking a tanty about seeing the same post… these days our attention spans are that of fish and as you grow your reach, it will be new information for your audience, not old information. 

2. Lead Generating Activity (leads are subscribers to your newsletter) – Make sure your website is optimised for asking for email addresses. I like to use the Premium Pop-ups like Optin Monster or Pop-Up Ally to ask people to share their email addresses with me because this is the specific part of your business that manages the most important task – collecting leads.

Do not scrimp, it’s cutting your nose off to spite your face and your return on investment of having more people on your list is worth it.

Consider setting up a weekly post across all of your social asking people to join your email list as well.

3. Profit Generating Activity – You want to run an online business? Then you gotta’ run an online business. Ha! For real. You must sell. Ask people to buy your products or services. Share the details of a sales opportunity between every 5-6 value posts on all of your social media (including Instagram, which is now ranking as the the #1 social media platform for sales). Send your audience to your shop, to a specific product or to a group of products.

But I don’t have anything to sell. Then spend the same time directing them to your lead list as above.

And finally, I’m adding another point of focus here because my blog and I’ll write what I want to. 

4. Call To Action (CTA) – You must place a call to action where-ever you possibly can that helps direct your audience to the place you want them to go.

I don’t want to see you ripping your heart out to create and share content just to see you put a link on Facebook and a bit of a “Hey this is my latest post’. For the love of all things chocolate… CTA babe. C.T.A.

“I’ve just pressed publish on my latest article about carrots. I have also asked you a little question at the end of the post and I would love to know your answer, click on through now and see what it is.”

Don’t expect… DIRECT! 

p.s Yes… we have all felt stretched at times wondering how we can accomplish everything in our business. The truth is that in our online business we can’t do everything, though perhaps one day we develop the means to outsource.

It’s important to focus on the tasks that have the biggest return on investment on our time. I’m not saying you shouldn’t blog. Create new content if you can and if you want to, but please don’t sink into the pits when you can’t.

When you sit at your desk and begin your day… ask yourself how you can accomplish each of these three points before you attack anything else.

1. Traffic Generating Activity

2. Lead Generating Activity

3. Profit Generating Activity

If you do this, you will begin to create ease, free up some valuable time and will be running your online business much more like a business.

Everybody does start in the same place. It is what you do with the time you have that will make the biggest difference.

To make this easier for you… I’ve created a sheet for you that you can either download and fill in online or print out and fill out on your business days. Make a plan of what you will do that will help you accomplish each of these three points of focus each day and make that your priority.

You can download your FREE PDF template here.

Now tell me in the comments below. What can you recognise that you do today that doesn’t serve a purpose to your profit opportunity? 

I'm like, totally Pinnable.

I’m like, totally Pinnable.

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3 Responses to "Need More Time To Blog? Stop Blogging."
  1. Penny says:

    Another brilliant post Alice! You always seem to strike a chord amongst us bloggers! After feeling a little overwhelmed with my to-do list, you’ve helped me prioritise where to focus my energy! Big thanks to you lovely lady xx

  2. Susie says:

    Thanks so much Alice for your thoughtful post. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I always feel guilty if I haven’t posted on my blog at least twice a week, (content is king right?) so having ‘permission’ to focus on more traffic generating activities is a huge relief. Thanks again Alice for being the voice of reason xx

    • Alice says:

      Thanks so much for your comment honey! Yep, we can get so stuck in content creation we forget what the end goal is. Glad you’re here! Xx

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