Stop Wasting Your Life Looking At Obstacles, Instead Of Opportunities

Stop Wasting Your Life Looking At Obstacles, Instead Of Opportunities

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I wanted to take a friend away for her birthday on the weekend and decided to book a night down at Wilson’s Promontory for hiking.

More than one person told me it was too far to drive for a single night (at 2.5 hours) but I thought ‘fuck it’ – I’m not even scared. I’m doing it anyway.

And it was actually an incredible experience. 

Firstly, two friends who don’t get to see each other sans kids all that often, in the car, with music, AND salted caramel cheesecake from the Koonwarra General Store? Ain’t half bad.

We got to the Prom at 3pm on Saturday and left at 3pm on Sunday and within that time we fit in 20kms of hikes and totally awed and blissed out convo’s in the sand dunes (where we would be quiet for one minute with our eyes closed and then one of us would say ‘aaaghhh.. this is SO good. Listen to the wind. Hear the birds. That peach crumble was amazing last night’).

I realised that just as with blogging or your blog to profit plans and your online business vision, many people don’t think about Return On Investment with their own personal time.

You see, Melissa and I spent 5 hours in a car together (plus petrol money etc) for an INCREDIBLE 24 hours in the most stunning place in Victoria.

I mean, look at the damn pictures – these are not from Pinterest. These are from our 24 hour adventure!

Stop Wasting Your Life Looking At Obstacles and Not Opportunities

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Wilsons Promontory

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The value I got out the weekend was worth so much more than those 5 hours in the car, or that petrol money.

And even if that car trip was a struggle, it still would have been worth those 24 hours we experienced.

And yet, I was told by more than one person that the trip wouldn’t be worth it — ‘eerrghh. Five hours in the car for ONE day away’ — they said.

‘I wouldn’t do it’, they said.

J. Sidlow Baxter said:
“What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity?  Our attitude toward it.  Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.” 

So hey you…

What are you putting off doing in your life that you know would be amazing because getting there is going to be tough? 

What dreams do you have that you aren’t leaning into because there is a hurdle you can see on the horizon?

I know personally that through all of the struggle I have ever experienced, I have either created success or I have learned lessons that have grown who I am as a person.

It’s not that I make the right choices all of the time. It’s that I make a choice to do something at the time. Instead of nothing.

So, I’m telling you to get in the car okay? It’s worth it. At least even so that then you know whether the opportunity is there or not. Because that’s a win in itself.

Look at opportunities and if you can’t see them, simply move anyway. Obstacles are going to show themselves in the path of the most incredible success, there is a 100% guarantee on that. Anyone who thinks differently is naive.

You can choose to sit in perpetual non-movement, immobilised by the gravity of what could occur, or you can choose to rise and move and experience that precious gift you have of having the choice in the first place.

That is really living.

Al. X

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