Here’s A Free Business Plan To Help You Get Profitable!

Here’s A Free Business Plan To Help You Get Profitable!

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I spoke at a blogging event last night on a panel of 3 other bloggers.

And I met a podcast listener! (Hey there @FlatBumMum!).

On the panel, we were from such a diverse range of backgrounds and of blogging niche’s and business styles. There I was in a long flowing dress with cowboy boots on, with Chyka from The Real Housewives of Melbourne sitting next to me in orange patent leather stilettos and a (super-creative and funny) craft blogger sitting on my other side.

We were all talking about blogging and building a connection with our audience, but really, I was the only person talking about money and answering questions with profit in mind.

In Australia, talking about money can make people recoil as if it’s not spiritual enough to want to earn it or that a struggle for less is more altruistic than ease for more. I have noticed that business owners in the U.S are much more forward and comfortable talking about their financial successes.

There can be a view that earning (a lot of) money from doing something you love is something to be ashamed of, or that you’ll be viewed poorly and judged by those working struggle-hard beside you.

(And you know what? At times you actually will, but that’s not your problem.)

When asked by a blogger in the audience a question on which niche she should focus on – either a dedicated coffee blog vs a ‘coffee-living-travel-Melbourne-eating blog’, I wanted to know whether the goal was to make money from the blog or simply to write what was loved with no profit expectation, because the former will get to profit faster.

The latter can… though perhaps in a lot more time.

I needed to clarify whether any blogger asking me a question had a goal to make money or not, because it would dramatically change my answer. (And between you and me, I could smell a lot of potential future burn-out in the room!)

I realised that I look at my blog in a very different way than most people in the room. I LOVE what I do but I am also not willing to trade the many hours I spend working on my blog just for the joy of it (I’d trade a few, don’t get me wrong) when I could be earning money for the value I present to the world.

As Denise Duffield-Thomas says: ‘I serve, I deserve’.

And that this is OKAY.

Look, there can be grace in the ordinary. You don’t have to reach 7 billion people to be a raging success so you can be a profit making, much-money-earning blogger without missing school drop-offs and working seven days a week. Ordinary can be But that ordinary can be extraordinarily profitable.

OR you can actually blog 100% for the fun of it. If you want to… do it! It’s addictive!

BUT don’t sell yourself short if you do have a dream of making money from your blog. By either not having metrics or goals for your success or being considerate of how you can simplify your business processes and shorten that rope between you serving are going to be putting in a lot of hard work.

This is why having a business plan is really important.

So, I’m here to help you!

When I got home from the event, I wondered how many bloggers are blogging with a ‘vision’ to make money from their blogs, but no actual plan or steps in place to do so. Hard work with no return. Under-paying themselves. Under-valuing themselves.

This is why I have created a Quick Business Plan Checklist eGuide for you which is right here.

I don’t want you pushing daily for years and throwing the towel in because you asked the right question without having the goal in mind you really needed.

This Business Plan a great place to start – it’s going to help you get in a frame of mind that will help you grow your business from a Blog and thinking about your business in a much more strategic manner.

In health and wealth,


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  1. Alice,
    I really love your attitude to blogging and was so impressed with your answers on the panel. Since I have started listening to your podcast I have changed my mindset from ‘hoping’ and ‘one day’ to serious action. I even managed to book a styling client at General Assembly that night. Thank you for all that you give to newbie bloggers. I hope to sign up to your class this year (either this round or the next) Bron x

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