Make more money using these social media techniques

Make more money using these social media techniques

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In this post I’m going to be sharing some GAME-CHANGING information with you that will change the way you view social media as a tool within your Blog to Profit strategy.

Trust me when I say you will have a huge ‘AHA’ moment when I share with you a better way of managing your social media posts when we focus on leveraging them for profit.

I’m also going to share two SWIPE ideas with you that you can use in your own social media strategy.

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I promise you that the simple techniques and actions I share with you will change the way you sell your products and services for good.

There’s no denying that if you have an online business in this day and age, leveraging the power of social media can help you increase your reach, increase traffic back to your website and increase your leads. This in turn increases the opportunity you have to make a profit.

Understanding and then managing the ‘rules’ around social media marketing and strategies can be really confusing. Researching and speaking to people in the ‘know’ about this particular topic, it became clear that a lot of the lessons around social media marketing out there were already defunct or didn’t fit today’s environment.

I want to share with you the basics of social media marketing so that you can deliver value to your business through your reach in a way that is automated and simple.

Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. Getting started without any previous experience or insight can be challenging and time consuming and I know you have a lot to accomplish with limited time and resources.

Before we even begin I just want to shout out a profit block that can force any great online business Blog to Profit dreamer to lose focus, leaving them dwelling in a sea of comparathon and negativity.

Do not compare your reach, your ‘LIKES’, your followers or your fans with everybody else. This will only waste your time and is not relevant to your ability to make a difference to your audience for this reason: A new online business starting in the social media market today encounters a completely different set of rules than a company or person who was growing a following 5 years ago.

Every single platform has grown and changed and it is harder today to grow your reach than it has ever been. Instead of focusing specifically on the number of ‘LIKES’, followers or fans you have, it is better to instead track your metrics when relating to specific goals for your social media. Those getting caught up just staring at the numbers, are going to miss out on excellent opportunities to actually increase their profit because they’ll be staring at the wrong thing!

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I want to break it down as much as possible for you today so I’m going to share with you two of the Seven Laws Of Social Media Marketing, because it’s vital that you understand social media marketing fundamentals.

From maximising quality to increasing the places you receive traffic from, abiding by these laws will help you build a foundation that will serve your customers, build your brand and increase your chance of making a profit not losing time and money being focused on the wrong things.

#1. The Law of Listening

I have become a hyper-aware listener when it comes to what I see occurring across my social media and it is making a huge impact on what I create and share and also, what I ultimately sell through my blog.

Being online is good if you want to create a strategy around the messaging you present to your audience because you can pause before actioning anything and really listen to what is being said (on all of your social media platforms) unlike ‘in real life’ where we can sometimes lose what is being said in an instant if we don’t have our ears open.

Success with social media and content marketing requires more listening and less talking. In Module Three we learned that our audience will always tell us what they want us to make for them or sell to them.

Your social media platforms are going to be a logical place to take notice of what is being asked about or commented on. Tip: Have a look at your most ‘Liked’ Instagram images, most shared or commented on Facebook posts, and most liked or re-tweeted tweets.

Is there any theme that you can notice here? Can you build on this idea to create a product or service?

Swipe This Tip: If you’re brand new to social media, you can look on the pages of people who have been on that platform for a long time and whose niche is similar to yours. Influencer’s and big names in your industry should be your first port of call.

Read through the comments under their posts and you will soon build up a strong idea of what the audience on that social media platform loves, what makes them talk, what inspires them to action and what they simply can’t resist sharing. This will give you a really good idea of what can work in your space once you ‘YOU’ify’ it! Also, use social media listening to see how you could distinguish yourself from competitors and appeal to consumers they might be missing.

Remember I am not saying to compare yourself to influencers in your industry, I want you to feel inspired, not constricted.

Here’s a couple of examples for you of how I have used the Law Of Listening in my own online business.

At the end of last year, when I was trying to come up with ways of monetising my blog The Whole Daily, for the year, I posted an article titled ‘6 Inflammatory Foods You Should consider removing From Your Diet’. It was shared 80 times and ‘Liked’ 180 times the first time I posted it and reached over 10k people on Facebook without paying for any reach.

To me, I thought it was a really simple and basic article, but it ignited a lot of interest and my audience lapped it up. The old’ ‘easy to digest’ rule applied. I knew that healing and anti-inflammatory info was something my Facebook audience were not only interested in, but wanted other people they knew to know as well.

Then I had a little inconspicuous image of some fermenting carrots I shared on facebook. I accompanied the image with some info about how I am helping my mum support her auto immune disease with fermented foods. The image garnered over 100 likes and over 30 comments the first time I shared it.

Because I was ‘listening’ I knew that my audience were really into healing their bodies from inflammation and supporting their immune system. This information, along with other facets means I believe that our next project called ‘Love Your Guts – The Busy and Budget Conscious Women’s Step by Step Guide to Healing The Gut & Repairing The Digestive System’ is going to be a success!

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#2. The Law of the ‘Spotlight’

I firmly believe that this law is the most important law when it comes to social media marketing. When I created hello. Blog Academy, I could see there was a lot of chatter about what to do on which social platforms. But the broad view was that everything was designed to help you get more reach or likes or be seen, and nothing was designed to actually help you create a strategy aligned to the profit goals you were looking to achieve.

I guarantee that most of you are currently wasting time on social media. Utilising Law Two is going to help you get streamlined in your processes and certainly help you look at your social media strategy in a much more beneficial way for your business.

I have found that throwing all of my efforts into all social media platforms with a broad and overarching message (like the majority of you) means that I get more followers over a longer period of time, but that they aren’t necessarily engaged to buy a specific product or service from me.

So while this helps build my brand and increase my thought leadership standing, it doesn’t work as well when I want to earn a profit. For this reason it is best to run ‘campaigns’ on your social media platforms. A campaign involves having a specific aim or goal in mind for a specific period of time where you can have measurable metrics to report on and improve after the time is over.

When you put a spotlight on a specific task, it gives you a much better chance of achieving your profit goals. Where your attention goes, your business grows. This is the reason that marketing managers talk about social media ‘campaigns’.

It’s because there must be a single strategy at any one given time. If you were simply try to ‘do better’ on ‘everything’ social then you really have nothing that is going to give you pivotal data that you can then measure and IMPROVE.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

For Example: Our May social media campaign goal for The Whole Daily was to engage readers around gut and immune health and collect data from them on their buying decisions and pain points around this topic.

This means that when we launch our next eCourse ‘Love your Gut’s’, to this audience, we have the best pool of information to draw from when writing our copy, defining our target buying niche and being able to message our eCourse. Our social media campaign strategy for throughout the beginning of 2015 was to gain leads (subscribers) so that we could launch hello. Blog Academy to a larger audience.

We want to drive as many people as we can to a specific VIP Bloggers list that will be the prime target of the launch of hello. Blog Academy in 2015.

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For you your goal will be different.

If you’re new to business and still trying to figure out what errrrybody wants from you, how about your Spotlight Campaign for ‘July’ is to build relationships and find out where people are struggling. (Remember to ask and listen to your audience and they will tell you what they want you to create for them)

As long as you have a goal that you can cement in your plan and articulate clearly, you’re already on your way to making a bigger profit.

Swipe Example #1. The Whole Daily social media campaign for May 2015 was to collect data from our audience around gut health, budget cooking, take-away food and food purchasing decisions.

We had scheduled a post a day Facebook to ask an open-ended question that will help us build a strong understanding on these topics of our audience. Questions asked included the likes of:

  • Do you think about the health of your digestive system when you eat?
  • Do you shop once a week or daily as you need?
  • Do you pack your lunch or buy it each day?
  • Do your kids eat the same food as you or do you make a simpler option for them?
  • Are you a meat eater or a vegetarian?

The benefits of a campaign like this are many, such as:

  • We form a better understanding of whether our proposed project has ‘legs’
  • We get to hear directly from our buyers about their struggles, pain or even their success around certain areas
  • We ‘hear’ the messaging and terminology they use which will help our own marketing efforts.
  • We’re already engaging our audience in a dialogue that we will replicate upon our sales process (i.e normalising the discussion)

Swipe Example #2. Our social media campaign goal for Alice Nicholls for April/May 2015 was to gain leads (subscribers) to a specific list.

We wanted to increase the size of a very specific email list of people. This meant that we had a very strong focus on social media during this time to direct people to this particular list.

We had an Optin page set up with the specific goal to get people to subscribe to a VIP bloggers list by sharing the same link in all of my messaging during this campaign time. It’s this list that we are building that we are going to be using as a focus on for the sales in our launch of our eCourse hello. Blog Academy.

It is within THIS list, that our key financial opportunity exists.

So of course it’s important and right there should be a social media campaign around it. As you can imagine though… If I was focusing none of my attention on a specific goal, and all of my attention on getting more ‘LIKES’ during this time, I would be wasting the time I need to be spending on directing people to my profit opportunity list of VIP bloggers.

So you can see where having a Spotlight Campaign and a Social Media Strategy in place is much more valuable for you than simply – cough – throwing shit at walls every day.

As you can see, that’s a very different strategy than the way most Bloggers approach social media marketing.

Are you working to campaigns now or are you following a ‘spray and pray’ method of social?

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